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New Orleans Traffic Court Judge Ronald Sholes to step down ~ John Simerman

Sholes himself was found to have interceded in dozens of cases on behalf of traffic scofflaws in 1999 and 2000, although there was no evidence that he took anything for doing it. Sholes defended the practice, saying traffic law violators often have a hard time gaining access to the prosecutors who have the authority to dismiss their tickets.

Yo Rafael Welcome to Slabbed. Perdigao rats out Sholes ~ Slabbed circa June 2008

And that ended up on the front page of the Sunday Times Picayune where Gordon Russell gave Slabbed its major first cross over hat tip.

Susan Perkins…..

I have a multitude of irons in the fire this week so here is my short version of the down and dirty on the most recent DMR departures and count on the community to fill in the rest of the blanks. Susan Perkins is a respected communications professional. A $50,000 communications contract was just let on new DMR executive director Jamie Miller’s 60 day review of operations. There had to be some sort of internal conflict for Miller to make an example out of Perkins, and make an example of her is exactly what he did.¬†Heuristics¬†would indicate the two events are related but we really do not know enough to make that conclusion.

I do not know enough at this point to make speculate beyond that. Remember it was Miller the state GOP rolled out to reign in our fluffer Congressman’s out of control staff. As such I think we can reasonably infer he has a hatchet in his bag of tricks.