5 thoughts on “Slabbed joins Billy Walker and John McKay in saying please shop local”

  1. I cannot tell but is that McKay with the straw hat on? It was previously reported that the DMR has spent over $80,000.on private charter boats in the past few years. I bet a lot of politicians are getting nervous wondering when will the trip they were on will be in the news. Mckay will find even his supporters are having a very hard time accepting this level of abuse. Maybe what he did is not an indictable offense by he State of Ms. or the Feds but he has in most part been found guilty of abusing the public’s trust. The sentence he will get for this will be less time in office I hope.

  2. While that was undoubtedly the worst promo video ever made, which bubba was McKay? This cetacean can’t comment unless identity confirmed, but while swimming out in the sound, my pod spotted McKay on the Silver Dollar in both June and August of 2012. Now that he met with the auditor and must have been told that no charity paid for the party, is he going to pay Mississippi back three large for the trip? As a riparian owner I will take my share in fish, toss us some of those reds, McKay.

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