20 thoughts on “Saturday Music: My crystal ball tells me we got some official type news coming with this DMR deal”

    1. Let’s just say that there are times when readership patterns I see on the back end of things indicate something is up. Sometimes I can figure it out, sometimes you get a strong indication something is up. In this case it would be the latter.

      1. Interesting timing that the Sun Herald apparently knew of McKay’s scheduled visit with Pickering that far in advance. Time to play cui bono.

        Was it an attempt by someone in the McKay camp to pressure Pickering? That seems unlikely as McKay’s talking points did not appear well prepared if the Sun Herald account is believed to be accurate. Strategically (not sure this applies here) it would would seem unlikely that the McKay camp would leak the meeting in advance unless they were sure of a favorable outcome.

        There are other parties with varied interests in both the mayoral election and other related issues who could expect to obtain varied results by announcing this meeting in advance. Hypothetically speaking, if someone knew that pressure might be applied, then a little sunlight (and any additional statements from the participants which are public prior to the meeting due to the leak) might change the meeting agenda and results.

        A public official apparently made a statement for the media that “We didn’t know that it was so-called taxpayer money that we were spending,” McKay said. “We thought it was foundation money or whatever. We were told that was the purpose of the boat.”. Both the foundation in question, and apparently the agency which was spending “the so-called taxpayer money” are subject to inquiries involving, among others, the State Auditor. How does said public official meet with the State Auditor under such circumstances in anything less than an adversarial investigative manner?

        Does that mean the investigatory phase concerning the parties scheduling this meeting is deemed complete? Or does it mean something else.

        Perhaps the news will be a topic at Tuesday’s mayoral debate.

        1. SOP is the FBI nabbed whatever they wanted long ago via subpoena. Miller let the CPA firms in at DMR. In my opinion that means Pickering’s investigation is also substantially complete.

          Very sage analysis RFP.

        2. Maybe McKay will try to get Stacey Pickering to come to the debate to announce the outcome of his findings. Of course that is only if McKay can skate by without any damage. We already know the trips took place,the DMR paid all of the expenses,McKay invited who he wanted to come on each trip and McKay has told different versions of what he knew which in my opinion are not the truth. I do not see him getting a pass on Tuesday.Maybe McKay can get another goofy statement from the meeting like the standing next to the mud puddle joke.No matter what happens I do not think the public will buy it until someone is held responsible for all of the waste of taxpayers money.

          1. My concern is that some of the ones connected with this are slithering out of it scott free. Street word is that Billy Hewes’s brother-in-law, Joe Zeigler, is singing like a canary so that he can work a deal and has been allowed to retire. That means that the taxpayers will be paying his retirement each month and rewarding him for his misuse of State funds. How can Stacey Pickering allow this to happen? IMHO, he and Billy Boy are up to their necks with Walker. Just how is it right for them to get a get out of jail free card?? And how can Hewes be allowed to be the Mayor of Gulfport? Wake up Republican Party! Clean house!!!

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  2. Something is going to happen sooner than later. I do not believe for a second that this will go away without severe punishment for many participants. The Mayors election in Ocean Springs is just a side show separate from the main stage which features the Walker gang. McKay is caught up with the Walkers due to his lack of brain power which does not allow him to see them for what they are. I predict he will loose the election and will be forced to repay the state of Ms. for the fishing trips that we know he put together and was in charge of the guest list. This is not enough for a criminal indictment. But who knows there may be more lurking out there that involves him.

  3. Top 10 Things You’ll NEVER HEAR ME say :
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  4. I see that the McKay cavalry has finally arrived at the Sun Herald story. It is now time to report a HUGE SWING in the comments! Talk about a momentum shift! Prior to the rapid response arrival commentary was running 36-0 against the so-called taxpayer money mud splattered birthday fisherman.

    A single commenter has swung things back in McKay’s favor with a 2-0 favorable comment run; putting McKay on the board and mounting a strong comeback, now trailing only 36-2.

    Winner winner chicken dinner the critics are GUILTY, lacking the REAL FACTS to paraphrase slightly…

    The argument seems a little disjointed though. It is almost enough to raise suspicions a troll is in the house. Between the length of the paragraph and the OBNOXIOUS OVER CAPITALIZATION, the grammar police need to respond to the comment section at the Sun Herald.

    This is NOT someone deserving to lead any city and certainly not mine, over a stupid “fishing trip”! Furthermore, do any of you people not have “lifelong friends” that at some point in their life made wrong or illegal/immoral decisions (Walkers), big or small?? Did this make your guilty of said crime(s) because you were “lifelong friends”? So, it’s safe for us to ASSUME you are as guilty, based solely on what we think, without having facts, or we can just make them up to make you guilty? I think not!

    <a href="http//www.sunherald.com/2013/05/09/4656079/mckay-to-take-deep-sea-fishing.html#comment-893325654"SEE IT HERE!!!

      1. Now that is funny.This lone wolf is howling at the dark sky.He has no moon!! Funny thing is McKay’s self made problem is not going on a taxpayer funded fishing trip but how he has totally mishandled it with the public. He says everybody was doing it then we find out only the people he invited were on “his” trips. This wasn’t some spur of the moment thing,it was well planned weeks in advance. Perception is his problem. He just does not get it. He thought he could bully thru it but now he is rethinking that strategy. We all know Moran has her own problems but his are not going away because she has hers. He has created a crisis in confidence and thinks Stacey Pickering will clean the slate for him. To little to late for this politician who thinks he can explain the DMR trips 4 or 5 different ways and the voters will not notice.

  5. Continued DMR scamdals … Susan Perkins is a wonderful professional. As I said, she isn’t a spin doctor and suspect she isn’t political enough, so they’ve canned her. But this person posted some really crazy stuff today,

    “Lisa Wright

    1. Ya, it sounds like “Lisa” is a behind the scenes Walker supporter. She is right about Gregory and Cloyed being connected with Miller. From what I know, firing Perkins was totally uncalled for. She has impeccable credentials and was the leader in that department before she left around 2007 and was able to move up in her career. She was brought back to run the department because its been in ruins for the last 5 years and her performance was not forgotten.

      Let’s face it, we all know why Trinity was hired when Dr. Walker was “in office.” State jobs are typically highly competive and its certainly hard to beleive that a fresh college grad with NO PR degree could have beaten the competition. But then again, Jamie Miller managed to do the impossible. 🙂

  6. Dig deep on this one. They got foot in door at DMR now.Check them out very carefully.

  7. Frontier Gulf Coast LLC.

    This tick got burrowed in before google took any pictures. By design.

    Some rumored connections between Frontier Gulf Coast LLC and the usual suspects, but nothing I see of a confirming nature.

    Wondering if the recent editorial by the Sun Herald’s political editor was caused in any way by this Frontier Gulf Coast LLC thing? MICHAEL NEWSOM: ‘Transparency’ just a buzzword for too many public officials

    This Frontier Gulf Coast LLC tick (and some of those who took the flea collar off the DMR) might be exposed by the public records requests which have no doubt been filed. The investigative excuse would be an admission of weakness.

      1. The $50k number is chump change.

        The rumor aspect has to do with what connection, if any, there is between Frontier Gulf Coast LLC and Frontier Strategies LLC. The names and money involved with Frontier Strategies LLC are very real. I think the public may experience more indigestion with the current and continuing overripe revelations.

        Other things alleged by others appear to be much more than rumor. Treasurer pays Frontier for advertising MPACT after program suspended

        More on this topic in my comment here.

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