While Danny Abel collects sanctions right wing nuts from the Northeast promote his lawsuits

I tell you folks, media ignorance mixed with legal jackassery is a deadly combo, just ask Butch Martin and his wife. I mention this because while Danny Abel crashes and burns under the weight of multiple court sanctions and legal malpractice lawsuits a right wing nut from New York named Raquel Okyay is pumping his lawsuits for a so called conservative website named Human Events that apparently runs off like a rabid dog promoting every lawsuit that involves guns that comes to their attention.  The irony of the guy that tried suing the gun makers into oblivion a bit over a decade ago now having a media shill promoting his wacko, conspiracy theory laden lawsuits is rich. So along those lines last month Aaron Broussard’s former law partner at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview planted another story with Okyay involving Abel’s crash and burn Manton lawsuit and I’ll be doggone if he doesn’t repeat some of the kookiest allegations against Sheriff Strain in a story that goes beyond being disingenuous IMHO.

Last time someone from thousands of miles away pretended to be an authority on issues down here was when State Farm shill David Rossmiller was promoting the company’s interests in the wind water litigation here after Katrina. He is in fact a wind water poseur that has never tried a single such case.  Now we have right wing nuts from New York and New Hampshire spreading fantasies about the court cases down here in Soggy Bottom.  Slabbed is down with the second amendment and I own a few firearms myself. It is a shame dupes undermine their own credibility pumping Abel’s crash and burn lawsuits.

In other news hot off the press is a 5th Circuit brief in the case Webb v LaSalle, which appears the deformed, half-aborted stepchild of Webb v Morella. Something tells me there will be no oral arguments in the case because it is starting to sound like a broken record:

On May 8, 2012, three weeks later, the district court dismissed Webb v. Morella, the first Webb suit, and granted Morella’s motion for sanctions. The Webbs filed a Notice of Appeal, and Webb v. Morella was lodged in this Court as Case No. 12-30617. On April 12, 2013, this Honorable Court disposed of Webb v. Morella in an unpublished per curiam, affirming the district court’s dismissal and imposition of sanctions.

Webb v. LaSalle, the second Webb suit, met the same end in the district court as did Webb v. Morella. On November 30, 2012, the district court dismissed Webb v.
LaSalle pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6). The district court again imposed Rule 11 sanctions. Noting that Webb v. Lasalle had been filed three days before the court heard motions and dismissed Webb v. Morella, the district court ruled that Webb v. LaSalle set forth “…baseless, conclusory allegations contrary to the Rule 11 certifications made to the Court,” that there had been no reasonable inquiry into the facts and law prior to filing suit and that “Plaintiffs only purpose in bringing the suit was to harass defendants.”

And as with all the recent Goatherder litigation it includes lots of wild, unsupported conspiracy theories: Continue reading “While Danny Abel collects sanctions right wing nuts from the Northeast promote his lawsuits”

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