8 thoughts on “Internet”

  1. Yeah, my two favorite groups are still Jane’s Addiction and the Dead Kennedys. In recent months I’ve realized how many of JA’s lyrics are about power, and seem to apply to dynamics and struggles brought to light by current events. Thanks for the rock.

  2. Anytime. Back in the day I had a close friend who loved both groups but my tastes in music were different.

    The lyrics are spot on.

    1. Highly unlikley Roberts will run against Young IMHO. Taking Young on head to head is not Mini-me’s style. He fights most of his battles with proxies.

      This is a battle over power and setting up a run when John Young is term limited out.

      Manuel Torres did a great live blogging the meeting.

  3. Jeffersonians need an emergency tax meeting at this Wednesday council meeting to tell these egomaniacs that only elections in iraq and Afghanistan get repeated to allow voting machine manipulation.

  4. Am I the only person who read that we were lied to by the JP folks by them telling us it was ‘just a renewal’ when in fact the taxes had expired and were actually ‘new’?

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