Because everyone loves to see a train wreck: Explain it to me like I was a 9 year old John

Jackson County Supervisor John McKay on getting taxpayer funded freebie fishing trips and boat rides from former DMR Executive Director Bill Walker as quoted by Michael “Da Noose” Newsom via the Sun Herald December 22, 2012:

“(Walker) has always been straightforward and honest in every situation I ever knew him to be in,” McKay said. “Whenever we casually were talking about this boat, and he said, ‘Hey, if you ever have an opportunity to use it, let me know.’ I didn’t question what the criteria was, who had been asked (to use the boat), who hadn’t been asked, any of those questions, because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it because I trust Bill Walker to this day, until he’s proved otherwise.”

“Whenever you go through (Bill Walker), you assume — I didn’t ask, but I assumed — DMR had this and did it on a regular basis, and I was led to believe they did it on a regular basis for a lot of folks,” McKay said. “… I don’t have any idea how it was funded. I didn’t ask. I was just offered the trip to take some kids out and take the legislators out, so I took advantage of it,” McKay said. The August birthday trip on the Silver Dollar charter boat wasn’t actually that, McKay said. The trip had been scheduled several months before, but McKay’s mother died in July. McKay had to call Bill Walker and tell him he wouldn’t be able to make the trip planned for himself, his grandson and friends. He said later Bill Walker told him there would be an opening on the boat, which happened to be near McKay’s grandson’s birthday. About 10 children, many of whom were McKay’s grandson’s friends, went out that day. “It happened to be within one week of my grandson’s birthday,” McKay said. “We just casually called it (a birthday trip), even though we didn’t have a cake, there was no presents, wasn’t anything. It was just word of mouth that’s what it was. It just happened to fall that way and wasn’t anything planned.”

Ocean Springs Mayoral Candidate John McKay as quoted by Karen “Campaign Killa” Nelson via the Sun Herald May 9, 2013:

McKay said the trip with his grandson has been labeled “the birthday trip,” but he said, “We didn’t schedule it. It just happened, happenstance, to fall within a week or 10 days of my grandson’s birthday. I never called it a birthday trip. No adult ever called it a birthday trip.” He said the kids may have called it that, “Kid talk.” There was no cake or presents, he said, however, Walker supplied the food, “but I offered to pay for that.

And this from Jeffrey over at Yella Blog:

High ranking public officials are not “dragonslayers.” They are club men. Their most common distinguishing characteristic is cowardice. This isn’t always a bad thing, of course. Because we are fortunate enough to live under a mildly responsive, somewhat functional, kind of democratic form of government, we can occasionally frighten the cowardly club men into doing the right thing. But what that requires from us is constant attention, and much screaming and yelling at no small expense to our leisure, our security, and to our pocketbooks. Even so the failure rate remains high. The club, after all, is the club and its members enjoy many privileges most of us do not. In any case, there is no time in this to stop and pretend any of our presumed leaders, even when occasionally made to behave, is our friend.

Have I left anything out?  I just may have to follow this Ocean Springs Mayor’s race as I sense blood in the water.

16 thoughts on “Because everyone loves to see a train wreck: Explain it to me like I was a 9 year old John”

  1. He must think Stacey Pickering will do his bidding because they belong to the same party. Everything McKay does has the Walker fingerprints all over it. His campaign is being run by the birthday party kids I guess.He shows no remorse or willingness to pay for the DMR fishing trips at this point.He now knows he cannot wait this out.

    1. This “wannabe” group of members in the Republican party have a belief all their own. Reagan said to never speak bad of another fellow Republican….however, I am sure than he did not mean the ones that were doing illegal things and immoral things. That old Reagan statement has been run in the ground and the Old Guard would have never put up with it. The Republican party needs to stand up and police their own!!! Stop trying to cover up for the crooks and thieves among you. It is the only chance that you have of pulling the old party together again. We have lost all of our Statesmen and now have hollow,EMPTY, arrogant, egotistical, and greedy individuals leading the party. Wake up GOP….and do the right thing. You are running off all of your honorable and worthwile members by standing by this bunch of slugs and immoral”leaders”. Cut your losses and clean house!!!! Are you listening head Potentate???

  2. After reviewing comments by people posting elsewhere and going back to earlier articles I have come to this conclusion. Bill Walker must be a cult leader like Jim Jones was. How can you explain McKay’s political suicide being committed before our very eyes. He is dying a slow death holding the hand of Bill Walker. Sort of unbelievable. And he appears to have no clue about his own demise. To late in my opinion for any help. Somebody call a campaign ambulance,this one is done.

  3. Compare and contrast these statements.

    “If you look at it from the standpoint of offering kids an opportunity they’ve never had before, it was money well spent,” McKay said of the half-day kids’ trip. “If we were all rich, rich people, and had our own big boats that would go wherever you wanted to go, then it’s probably a waste of money.”

    McKay said Pickering likened the situation “basically” to McKay and the others on the boat trips standing by a mud hole and getting splattered.

    “We didn’t know that it was so-called taxpayer money that we were spending,” McKay said. “We thought it was foundation money or whatever. We were told that was the purpose of the boat.”

    McKay said local business leaders approached him about offering a reward this week.

    “I think they are just citizens concerned with crime in Jackson County,” McKay said of the donors. “They want to see the person who committed the crime pay for it. They realize that person destroyed their tax dollars.”

  4. “We thought it was foundation money or whatever.We were told that was the purpose of the boat.” This about as dumb of a statement as I have ever heard. The boat they went out on is a privately owned charter boat named the Silver Dollar.Its purpose is to be chartered for a fee and he knows that.Does he really think he is teaching a first grade class?

  5. IF Stacey Pickering has political hopes for the future he can’t afford to try and cover up anything to do with this case or any other dealing with the DMR. Everybody is watching

    1. I just don’t know Hammer….most of the Republicans are looking the other way on this one. It has to be so embarrasing that so many of their long time members are involved in this. Unless the entire Mississippi Republican party stands up and denounces these creeps and do not cover up for them, I think the people will not stand for it any more because they are as guilty as the rest of them are by hiding it all.

  6. “Walker supplied the food but I offered to pay for it” The taxpayers supplied the food which was catered and paid for with a DMR credit card after Mckay called Walker to tell him that the food had been delivered to the boat and he needed to come down and pay for it. Walker sent someone with a DMR credit card to the dock and took care of it. This person, along with the boat captain have been interviewed by both state and federal investigators according to a very reliable source. They have the receipts for all of the expenses of the “birthday party that never was trip+.McKay is going to have a very difficult time changing the scenery of what surrounds him. He also needs to remember that lying to a federal investigator is a felony but lying to a state investigator is normal for a politician. After his appointment with the auditors office on Tuesday he will return to Ocean Springs for a real debate sponsored by the Ms. League of Women Voters. No chicken dinners at this one just more of his bull.

  7. It is at this point that political weasels like McKay will claim the paper misquoted them. It is a standard form of self-rationalization.

  8. You guys don’t have to bash McKay constantly. He’s going to lose. He knows it. Everyone knows it. You think that Republicans are looking to other way, but we’re watching everything. There’s a reason McKay’s campaign began so late. We were hoping someone with a chance to win would run. I wish we would have just not ran a mayoral candidate.

    1. Killjoy. :mrgreen:

      If McKay is running up the white flag then I’ll give quarter. Mayor Hot Mop needs attention anyway. 😉

    2. I do not think anyone is bashing him so he will loose the election,he has almost assured that on his own.The people are talking about this because of what he has done. I think his white flag is at half mast, waiting for Pickering to take it down for him. This will not happen.

    1. He just needs to apply these principles now and hold himself accountable for his activities. He seems to be getting plenty of citizens input here and elsewhere. He needs to listen.

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