One thought on “New ownership and rebranded as the Lucky Coin Daily……..”

  1. Looking at the newspaper this morning, a change of ownership is merely “old boss, meet the new boss, nothing changes.” The Advocate continues lurching down the old well trodden path of social advocacy stories which in reality have very limited effect for the mass of the reading audience, while truly important and traditional hard news stories go lacking.

    The Advocate at least in Baton Rouge is morphing into a southeast Louisiana regional newspaper, but without the hard hitting news content which one could realize simply by turning loose reporters and reporting on what is happening in daily life which affects EVERYONE in the pocketbook. Georges could have arrested the decline brought about by the Manships who obviously brought into the NYT/WaPo formula (look how that is doing for the bottom line for those papers!), but the SOS appears the order of the day.

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