4 thoughts on “Is it possible the NOLA office of the US Attorney exists mainly to eliminate the competition……..”

  1. Correct.

    After all, if you ascribe to a monopoly on the use of force, it does you little good unless you use it.

  2. http://youtu.be/qft65D5TQPA

    All the people I know wanna be left alone
    Some people! I don’t know?
    They wont leave you alone
    You gotta be just – be just like them

    Biggest gang I know they call the government
    Gang is a weapon
    That you trade your mind in for
    You gotta be just – be just like them

    The gang
    And the government
    No different

    That makes me 1%

    Trouble comes down
    Like a foot steppin heavy
    Shake your fist
    At the bitch
    Or wave your money
    You gotta be right
    You gotta be right
    Don’t be no
    Supper for a big fish

    1. Doug and Oyster:Sounds like an except from AROD’s new book as his federal suits filed a few days after Katrina as Class action suits against government entities were eliminated when AROD was eliminated(i.e like the conspirators of JFK thought to kill the head of the dog and his tail, RFK, will stop wagging).

      As a resul,t by eliminating AROD other political connected attorneys’ federal suits filed after AROD’S then became primed over AROD’S and he was eliminated as Class action competition.

      1. Yup, what I wish I could write Lockem.

        There is a major undisclosed irony here. You see Randall of Malice touched upon it and butchered it blinded by anger and hate. I believe Drew Broach quoted the former Goatherder in Chief on his way to the pokey as being keenly interested in the topic of the workings of the NOLA US Attorney’s office. The Gay Gastapo screwed it up to the point where the story behind that story will likely never be told publicly on these pages.

        I’m fine with that because they go down in a spectacular crash and burn Ignorant Until the Very End. That irony is delicious.

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