BREAKING: Judge Morgan issues Order to Show Cause to Daniel G. “Danny” Abel!

We’re going for his license to practice in federal courts as Danny Abel has a history, habit and pattern of disobeying the Louisiana and Federal Courts. Judge Morgan’s order is 4 pages long – following are all 4 pages:

Abel v Handshoe and AMV Doc 45 1 Abel v Handshoe and AMV Doc 45 2 Abel v Handshoe and AMV Doc 45 3 Abel v Handshoe and AMV Doc 45 4


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  1. Looks like Judge Morgan is the one sanctioning…can a Federal Judge go after his license to practice in Federal Court?

    1. Judge Lemelle stripped AROD of all his defenses in his civil suit and ran him outta the local bar on a rail.

      Not sure what the process is but I am completely incentivized by these SLAPP Happy Nut jobs, who promised to “sue me into bankruptcy” in January 2012, to do just that. Given Abel’s other enemies in Chuck Hughes, Bill Magee and others I doubt I’m alone in that endeavor.

      1. abel is a litigious terrorist, both as a lawyer and in pro se, and he needs to be exiled from all courthouses permanently.

        1. How do we know this is the only subpoena he issued in violation of Judge Morgan’s stay on discovery? If anything I bet he issued several more such subpoenas. I think he needs to be put under oath and asked exactly that.

          1. as to whether abel issued any other subpoenaes in contravention of her order, i should think judge morgan would ask him that question at the hearing on wednesday, the 15th.

    2. question?

      will judge morgan issue a subpoena to the jefferson parish attorney to appear and testify concerning the representations made to that office by abel concerning his authority to issue the subpoena for the material requested ?

      it would seem prudent to have an impeachment witness available under the circumstances.

  2. Daniel G. Abel’s repetitive failures as a responsible attorney has its origins in his early childhood development when Danny played Red Light as he was always thrown out early as he refused to stop.

    As a result next Wednesday Danny gets to play Dodge Ball which reflected by his lopsided head shape proves he was not very good at that game either.

    After hitting him between his eyes with his favorite playball,the sanction ball, the SlabbedNation is collectively looking forward to Honorable Judge Morgan Pinning the Tail of this Donkey and sh*tkicking his ass out on Poydras St.into an oncoming Stay & Play daycare bus.

  3. Can sanctions include deportation? I can think of some real appropriate places to send him!
    Seriously this guy reminds me of the nursery rhyme about the “crooked man who lived in a crooked house…” except that Abel seems more “twisted” than simply “crooked”.
    It would be nice,though, to send him to a place where he could be stoned for his twisted deeds.

    1. I would like to place him and his sniveling cowardly friends from Nova Scotia before a jury of our peers right here in South Mississippi as these dipshits have committed more torts than I can detail. :mrgreen:

  4. Congratulations, Doug! As a non-lawyer, I would say you have incredible evidence to show why he should be sanctioned and the only appropriate sanction – dismissal of the case and suspension or disbarrment from the Eastern District.

    Even then, he will file suits, pro se, on his own behalf. He’s probably going to file suit in state court because AMV has moved back to Louisiana.

      1. Hoping Judge Morgan writes a scathing opinion making note of all the sanctions against him up to date, and then puts that opinion in an envelope with a strongly worded letter to the ODC and LADB.

    1. at this stage of abel’s implosion, i doubt he will find quarter in any courthouse that he would continue filing these baseless and vile retaliatory lawsuits. i can only imagine that his politico confederates are distancing themselves from this loose canon as i write.

    1. He claims to live in Jefferson Parish but I’ve also heard he still lives on the Northshore.

      1. He lives in crappy condo at Lake and London Ave. in Metairie near bucktown. About as filthy as the Super 8.

        1. Actually, was just informed he is residing at the Super 8 scum motel. This is now his permanent address with his office in the ajoining room. How low can he go.

  5. Doug: My prediction is that Abel will be sanctioned monetarily, in this round. What cones next will depend on his behavior. Lemelle summarily suspended me from the practice of law in Federal Court, and later summarily disbarred me, without notice, and without a hearing of any type. This all occurred in the Spring/late Spring 2008. I sued Lemelle and all of the other Eastern District Judges in an effort to disqualify and recuse Lemelle and the rest of them, and to require that they follow their own Rules when it came to imposing discipline against me. The Rules say that I was entitled to an Investigation, and the right to traverse the Investigative Report, and a full-blown trial thereafter – not a summary proceeding with no notice or even a hearing of any type. Then, the following Spring or early Summer (my files are in boxes), Lemelle presided over a case AGAINST me by a so-called “expert” witness, who is a FRAUD. I argued that this case should not go forward because ALL of my Eastern District cases in which I was plaintiff (mostly “Victims of KATRINA” litigation) has been indefinitely STAYED. I also argued that, since Lemelle had suspended me for 5 years, for “nothing”, and since he had disbarred me forever without so much as notice, much less a hearing, then he should be disqualified and recused in matters involving me. He refused, and ultimately struck my good and valid defenses in the expert witness case, and entered a Default Judgment against me foe almost $200,000. Since I did not have the cash for a suspensive appeal bond, I was forced into personal bankruptcy, which cost me my house on St. Charles Avenue. I will save my personal feelings about Lemelle, and about Jerry Smith on the Fifth Circuit, who dismissed my appeal of the Default Judgment in the expert witness case, for “the Book”, which is a work in progress. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  6. This is an instance where you could take odds Abel won’t show, unless he has cash ready.

    1. And if he does not show for this hearing Judge Morgan will _______________?

      My guess would be a bench warrant for his arrest but I am not authoritative on this subject.

      1. Like the State trooper in my case, when the judge got upset about his absence, put him in jail and let’s see if he’ll show up then.
        When the trooper appeared under escort, the judge thanked him for appearing and then dismissed the case.

      2. Just to make it interesting, I’ll bet he will show for the hearing. She probably won’t make him pay on the spot, so he will go to the hearing and take his medicine.

        Surely his friends and loved ones will convince him that the alternative will hurt more than just him.

        1. That is a good call, Post, given Morgan is relatively new and shows signs of deliberation.

          Still, one would suggest that the egregious nature of the offense (“What about the word ‘no’ do you miusunderstand, Mr. Abel?”) may get the Honour’s attention.

      3. If the primary goal of a judge is to get rid of cases (problems) I would think she is more likely to dismiss the case rather than issue a warrant.

        1. Just a wild guess on my part: because his pattern is so well-established, I predict this is going to follow the same path as the district court proceedings in the Webb case – motion to strike granted, and Daniel G. Abel gets hit with some sanctions for his blatant disrespect for the court’s orders.

          Of course, he then appeals, gets sanctioned again, etc.

      4. He will show to play with his fastest Nikes on and do a breathless show,tell and dance flexing his legal muscles reminiscent of the “Bo Knows” commercials.

        After his ” Abel Knows” presentation and when things get intense he’ll break into his poor, pitiful me Dodgeball moves but immediately without mercy the big sanction ball hits home between the eyes.

        More than sanctions Honorable Judge Morgan needs to additionally revoke his application to practice in all federal jurisdictions until he completes 20 hours of continuing education of the Rules of Federal Practice before reapplying.

        Unless he gets another attorney to represent him his frivolous case will be dismissed at which time another round of Dodge dat’ sanction ball begins again.

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