My general thoughts on the defeat of those dedicated Jefferson Parish property tax renewals

I see a lot of buck passing and finger pointing by the Parish Council and Team Young on the issue of the failure Saturday of a couple of water and sewer related property tax renewals, some of which holds a bit more than a kernel of truth.  The dropping of former finance director Gwen Bolotte’s name for instance highlights the fact Team Young is still building institutional knowledge. The lack of institutional knowledge however is not the reason the voters rejected these taxes last weekend though IMHO.

Bottom line was I could tell yesterday people were searching for answers and by people I mean in officialdom and the Google gods lead them here despite the fact I have not written a thing about the property tax renewals. Anyway the banter with Drew Broach over at is enlightening for those not well versed on this issue:

Manuel Torres and Sarah Tan over at have done a bang up job covering the defeat of the taxes and aftermath, including today’s emergency meeting of the Parish Council to find ways to plug the $20MM plus hole the tax defeats created in the Parish’s budget.  At this point I would like to add that when officialdom in Jefferson Parish pats themselves on the back they invariably point out that Parish Government is a $500,000,000 a year enterprise thus using that number the lost revenue amounts to 4% of the annual budget so despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth the hit is not catastrophic.

The people that populate the council live in their own little world detached from the unwashed masses beyond their respective social and church communities. I do not know what kind of feedback they get on how their behavior at the council meetings is perceived but as a knowledgeable outsider looking in the refusal to end pay to play and resistance on procurement reform would give me all the reason I’d need to vote against any tax renewals.  In my mind if these politicians have the extra money to squander it on their political contributors and cronies they really need less money not more.

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  1. I am one of those “cronic voters” that seem to upset the political hacks, flacks, and thieves. I will not EVER vote for ANY JEFFERSON PARISH TAX: new, increase, renewal, or fee.
    Regardless of what spin the pols put on any given tax; that money, or the equivalent released general funding obligation, is simply hogged out of the trough by whichever of the thieving piggies gets to it first.
    propose tax for sewers, and if passes the current general funding gets reduced by like amount to pay favorite consultant for a “study”.
    poormouthing and turning out ONE empty pocket – while the other is full of the skim from the public coffers is the “bait & switch”scam to fleece the taxpaying voters. We are “on” to that stuff now…..And I remind everyone when I remind them to vote: to JUST SAY NO!
    And if any of the council crooks grow the balls to propose cutting police, fire, sewer, water or any other service: It is unlikely they would last through that current term. Burglars that sneak to steal!
    And that Virginia, is why there was no millage passed!

  2. all they need to do is look in the mirror as to why it didnt pass… No one trusts them, and everyone is tired of the BS games they have been playing. If you cant vote them out, then cut off the funds. If they have nothing to steal, then maybe they will leave on their own.

    Nice to see even sheeple can rise up and hit the man in the nuts from time to time….

    1. the white elephant “JPPAC” is $30′ million over budget. get that money back from the cayman islands so calderera can pay the deficit.

  3. Here is my guess..Those renewals only happen once every ten years. I think Young and his admin simply forgot. Anyone who did remember early enough certainly wasn’t going to remind him, because they either have an axe to grind, or possibly want the job themselves one day. Anything to make him look bad. I think once he realized they had already expired, young just thought he would quietly put them on the ballot and they would slide on through. After all, the renewals pass, decade after decade. But then Capella got wind of what was happening, so he sends out a letter telling the voting public that these renewals will raise their taxes. The public is already in a no tolls/ taxes state of mind and vote hell no to everything. . Again, this is just a guess.

    1. Stacey: There is no love lost between Capella and Young ever since they as Councilmen-at- Large both competed for the Office of Parish President years ago.

      It was comical to watch them at Parish public celebrations as they followed each other around competing for who could shake the most hands of voters but more importantly other politicos.

      I hope the Citizens for Good Government will inform the Council,Administration and press media at today’s Emergency Meeting that the so-called “renewal” taxes were misrepresented as such and in actuality, as Capella’s letter revealed, were increased revenue taxes.

      The revenue “noose” is tightening around the Council/Administration’s budget now with the $55 Million debt to be repaid to FEMA, the $7 million needed to finish the Grey Elephant on Airline and now a $20 Million capital revenue hit.

      It is this revenue crunch IMHO that caused the Council to get La. Rep. Joe Lopinto to submit Bill 383 to change the State Law prohibiting the lease of EJ and WJ Hospitals.That Bill 383 cleared the House Committee 14-0 and appears the public voters will get screwed out of their voting rights.

  4. here’s what I think: ricky matthews needs to contact doug asap and negotiate to hire him and several other of the slabbed commenters and give georges a run for his money. this advocate deal stinks to high heaven. i can only imagine russell’s daily commute in fred’s helicopter.

      1. Since the 1980s, Doug, according to newspaper people – I know, because I dealt with the TIPSY folk, particularly those local bred who “understood” why some head-up-the-ass from the Northeast would get work when new talent locals were shunted aside.

  5. Parish Government is a $500,000,000 a year __________ enterprise. Fill in the blank

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