How Team Letten could f*ck up the Jefferson Parish investigation defies the imagination as it was literally shooting fish in a barrel with in your face corruption. That said Slabbed has been detailing former Parish Councilman Byron Lee’s double dealing since 2010 so nothing in Hammerman’s report detailing Fred Heebe and Dominick Fazzio stuffing his pocket’s full of illicit campaign ca$h surprises me:

Hammerman mentions the Concrete Busters lawsuit I do not see it going anywhere.  All eye on the Waste Management suit.

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  1. Here’s Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story bout’ Thompson( Councilman Lee’s brother):

    Bro’ I had just rode me bike over to McDonald’s and bees eating a Big Mac and sittin’ on me stool shooin’ dem’ birds way and sprayin da’ dump fo’ dem bads odoors( you nows me $300,000 JP contract) when I done heard a scream –

    sounded like a purson screamin’ dat a bird in da’ dump bees run over by a garbage truck or summtin-

    den out of da’ blue I run over to sees da’ mans and he bees screamin’ I gotta’ give yous a $250,000 birtday gif’-

    now bro’, I done never sees dis’ man beesfore but I ain’t calls no 911 but just puts dat’ money right cheers in me pocket bro’-

    you can done ask da’ feds bout’it, dey done knows all bout’ it-

    Hey bro’ Hammer, you wouldn’t bees related to da’ real Hammer Man huh? Didn’t tink so.

    Hammer, cuse me bro’ me gots to get back over to da’ stool and earn me wages so’s me can keep buyin’ me Big Macs, me yearly Mercedes Benzes and keeps dem’ Council Clowns who votes fo’ me $300,000 contract happy.

  2. What a travesty these people weren’t arrested and convicted. Now they all have free get out of jail cards to continue all of their scams in motion. I’ve seen nothing from Dana Boente to suggest a change in direction in that office either. The number of cases the US Attorneys office has pushed to the side is fucking staggering. The DOJ and related federal agencies have about as much credibility as Leon Cannizaro’s office which means all those people who stuck their necks out on the line to help them have thrown in the towel and many have said they will never assist the US Attorneys office again in any case they have because its a waste of their time and resources to assist them.

    1. Hate to burst your bubble but well informed sources in a rather dismal parish concluded that nearly two years ago and decided to stop wasting their time.

  3. “Here here” she typed! No point in getting involved helping when the fix is in at the highest levels. Disgusting does not even begin to describe it. Glad Hammerman is still pounding the keys but as for me and my house we will worship the Lord our God and leave it HIM.

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