My general thoughts on the defeat of those dedicated Jefferson Parish property tax renewals

I see a lot of buck passing and finger pointing by the Parish Council and Team Young on the issue of the failure Saturday of a couple of water and sewer related property tax renewals, some of which holds a bit more than a kernel of truth.  The dropping of former finance director Gwen Bolotte’s name for instance highlights the fact Team Young is still building institutional knowledge. The lack of institutional knowledge however is not the reason the voters rejected these taxes last weekend though IMHO.

Bottom line was I could tell yesterday people were searching for answers and by people I mean in officialdom and the Google gods lead them here despite the fact I have not written a thing about the property tax renewals. Anyway the banter with Drew Broach over at is enlightening for those not well versed on this issue:

Manuel Torres and Sarah Tan over at have done a bang up job covering the defeat of the taxes and aftermath, including today’s emergency meeting of the Parish Council to find ways to plug the $20MM plus hole the tax defeats created in the Parish’s budget.  At this point I would like to add that when officialdom in Jefferson Parish pats themselves on the back they invariably point out that Parish Government is a $500,000,000 a year enterprise thus using that number the lost revenue amounts to 4% of the annual budget so despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth the hit is not catastrophic. Continue reading “My general thoughts on the defeat of those dedicated Jefferson Parish property tax renewals”


How Team Letten could f*ck up the Jefferson Parish investigation defies the imagination as it was literally shooting fish in a barrel with in your face corruption. That said Slabbed has been detailing former Parish Councilman Byron Lee’s double dealing since 2010 so nothing in Hammerman’s report detailing Fred Heebe and Dominick Fazzio stuffing his pocket’s full of illicit campaign ca$h surprises me:

Hammerman mentions the Concrete Busters lawsuit I do not see it going anywhere.  All eye on the Waste Management suit.