Goats on a rope part deux: The Media Department at Jones Walker joins Danny Abel’s letter writing campaign……..

One day folks the entire story of the litigation with the Goatherders will be told but over the last two months Danny Abel has begun a letter writing campaign including an ex parte letter to Judge Louis Guirola which I will term very ill advised. The bottom line is it appears the new Goatherder legal strategy is to engage in the very behavior that have been the subject of so many of their lawsuits through time. Sigmund Freud termed this phenomenon of the insane projection. I call it manna from heaven. First up is a letter straight from Goatherder legal at Jones Walker:

13-60002_doc 00512219940 letter

For my part forcing Danny Abel on the very Judges that sanctioned him days before made me a happy man for several reasons beyond the obvious.  Henry Laird and Jones Walker never had the law on their side so this always a smear job instead of a lawsuit.  First Laird printed and produced for the court every uncomplimentary thing I ever wrote about Magistrate Walker and his poor performance in the Katrina wind water cases.  When I heard of this I wondered if he included his client Anita Lee’s (via her employer the Sun Herald) criticisms of Walker for the same stuff but somehow I think not.  Like NAAS said long ago, people that can’t pound the table with facts use their fists instead.

Next up is the Goatheder motion where Leary and Perret claim, via their lawyer Henry Laird:

Mr. Abel says there had been a fraud perpetuated (sic) upon the district court. A copy of the letter is attached as Exhibit “A”. Trout Point, Perret, and Leary cannot and do not vouch for the accuracy or inaccuracy of Mr. Abel’s fraud charge, however since the charge is so serious, they believe the record on this appeal should be expanded to include Mr. Abel’s letter.

A fraud perpetrated upon the court? This sounds like shades of Webb v Morella where Abel was spectacularly sanctioned for filing a frivolous appeal. This screen capture from my post detailing Abel’s problem collecting court sanctions sums it up:

Appellate brief Webb v Morella Motion for Sanctions

Yes it is indeed called projection. Now that motion filed by the Media Department of Jones Walker:

5th Circuit Goatherder Motion to expand the record

The letter to which the Goatherders refer has major problems more ways than I can count and I can’t comment on any of that. What I can say is Danny Abel has accused my lawyer and myself of committing crimes as he, with the assistance of Henry Laird at Jones Walker appear actively engaged in the very conduct for which they have sued me:

TPL v DKH Doc 48

The Fifth Circuit turned these Goatherders down in record time so what is a unsatisfied Goat to do?  Well you force the issue by filing a Motion to Reconsider Clerk’s 04/25/13 Denial of Appellants’ Motion to Supplement.  Yes, please make sure every judge reads Danny Abel’s latest bit of legal kookery. These self proclaimed Park Avenue lawyers are indeed a funny race. Coming next, Slabbed explores the Clean Hands Doctrine.

11 thoughts on “Goats on a rope part deux: The Media Department at Jones Walker joins Danny Abel’s letter writing campaign……..”

  1. So the litigants and attorneys in the Concrete Busters case are accused of a fraud on the public record.

    Doug, you live a charmed life with your opponents who evidently play russian roulette with a machinegun.

      1. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.~ Sun Tzu

  2. Doug, I’ve seen chickenshit practices, but submitting letters all around and bootstrapping that into a request to “expand the record” in another case is just plain ridiculous. I would trust Guirola and other federal judges to tell Abel to STFU, this is not state court where you can pull this crap routinely. And, I see what Abel learned at the knee of his “teacher” as it is still SOS with that “firm” and its disiples at this time.

    1. Chickenshit is a good word. In more Thespian terms it is desperate act of a cowardly heel in the final act of an off Broadway flop.

      I feel certain that when the time is right these matters will be addressed.

  3. I’ll never be convinced that the Smith Fawer letter is anything but the result of specific admissions negotiated to stop another lawsuit before it got started.

    IMHO, there is a receipt and release in a file that goes along with that letter.

    1. You are 100% correct. By sloppy pleading, Smith Fawer (attorney Steve Gele) implied that the Goatherders were co-conspirators in the Concrete Busters lawsuit. But, they never asked for service on the Goats and it was vague as to whether they were parties.

      Abel looks at this closely, realizes this, trots out the old Goatherderdian tool of threatened litigation, and presto, Steve Gele is on his knees begging for Goat forgiveness, all the while throwing Slabbed and its lawyers under the Goat bus. If Abel wants blood, he is barking ( I mean bellowing) up the wrong tree. Smith Fawer is spineless.

      1. If that is true it means Abel’s vendetta against Slabbed overrode his good sense. I take comfort in that.

        1. Looking at this more, Doug, I’m not handing out free advice, but just observing – looks here one attorey after the matter is over has a claim againstanother attorney. A claim of “Fraud on the court” which is untrue is actionable. Although we know that some pigs are more equal than others, of course, but if that “one attorney” has reached critical mass with other contretemps, then might be a case where the do-nothings actually put the attorney out of his misery, du verstanden?

          1. I do Empire and appreciate your insights. It is clear you are a sage legal practitioner.

            After Abel is dispatched I will have need for an attorney here in Mississippi. Pro hac vice admission very doable. :-)

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