Mississippi Department of Marine Resources open thread

This topic has been something of a red headed step child since early last month. I was glad to see the gang in officialdom has taken several of my suggestions as DMR is now crawling with auditors and consultants from two Mississippi CPA firms. I happen to know Shareholders/Partners at both firms, both of which have very good reputations for producing quality work. The firm from Hattiesburg, Nicholson and Company is very active in GOP political circles and I suspect the same is true of Horne in the Jackson area.

We’ve had hirings, firings and retirements including the subject of Slabbed’s brother in law deal reef expose that have caused lots of chatter, including the recent hiring of Kelly Lucas as Chief Science Officer at DMR.

Back to those suggestions Slabbed made, one that we can’t take any credit for is hiring the political PR firm to communicate the “good word” to the public  at a cost of $50,000 in lieu of the seasoned professionals at Horne and Nicholson and Company, who I can attest first hand are possessive of excellent communications skills in their own right.  So Slabbed today issues a BOLO for astroturfers on news stories etc on topic to DMR because that is part of what these political PR firms do.

In any event feel free to add anything DMR related in comments.

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  1. Kelly Lucas i am told was one of the three names sent to the Gov. Look at her qualifications verses Jamie Miller. How blatant does the Gov have to be before people see him for what he is and what he is trying to do

  2. Lucas is a Mississippi Gulf Coast native and holds a doctorate degree in coastal science from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master of Business Administration from University of Alabama Birmingham and a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from Mississippi State University.

    She has most recently worked as deputy director of the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Geospatial Center at Stennis Space Center

    The Gov can’t defend his choice of Jamie Miller against these credentials. What does Jamie have maybe a Bachelors degree and has never ran anything.Soonds like Dr. Lucas has the credentials to run the DMR which would have saved the people at least 115.00 a year

  3. I do not believe for a second Jamie Miller was one of the top three submitted to Bryant by the CMR. He was selected prior to any applications being taken. That being said at least they have a person on board now that knows what is out there in the Gulf of Mexico instead of who is up in Jackson. This has been mishandled from the get go. Hope he lets her do the peoples work thru the DMR by staying out of the way. To give Miller a little credit he was smart enough to hire someone much better qualified than himself.

  4. We have had so many discussions in the last six months about the DMR and the Walkers. Now that we have an open thread I don’t know were to start. If you look back nothing has really been resolved. So many questions left unanswered. I guess one day someone will come forward and this whole ball of twine will disentangle.

  5. I, for one, think that all of this dilly dallying around has been done stricktly to give the crooks time to wiggle out of the net. Evidently, the Feds may be thinking about letting them slide??? There have been no indictments, one of the ring leaders has been allowed to retire and I’m sure will find employemnt with his brother-in-law at the City of Gulfport….or else, Jackson. I understand that he washes the hands of many, many politicos and has the goods on most of them. That is why is is so hard to get this thing settled.
    If the people of this State allow these thugs to get away with what they have done, then we all get what we deserve! Maybe an organized group to Jackson to confront out elected Leaders might get some attention? Maybe some letters to the White House? How can we get some attention on this problem?

  6. Was the job advertised? Probably not = status quo. There is an excellent woman in charge of PR at the DMR. But she isn’t the type to run a spin job = hire a firm that will. And walker-in-law baby mama still works there too.

    Mama Walker is running out of money at IMMS. Now that the free feed has been shut down from the DMR there has been a shake up. Only the wrong people were let go.

        1. That’s probably right on Doug. And I image that Zeigler’s wife will get a job with the City of Gulfport too. They keep it all in the family you know! They all hail from Louisiana originally, so they learned how to eat from the trough from the best!!! Poor Gulfport! I wonder how the City Council feels about this one….I imagine that they won’t put up with his holier-than-thou attitude for very long anyway.

  7. As time goes on Bill Walker and family are getting back to a normal life. As if nothing is left to be resolved in the DMR investigation he and his entire family attended the debate in the city of Ocean Springs last week in support of their candidate for Mayor,John McKay. They sat prominently up front with John McKay stickers displayed proudly. Bill,Sharon,Scott,wife and child all appeared fearless an undaunted. Articles in both the Sunherald and the Ms.Press have many comments each about the families attendance and support for McKay and they are not positive comments.

  8. This seems an appropriate time for this quotable quote from the not too distant past.

    McKay endorses Walker in Ocean Springs Mayoral race

    “Scott has many, many connections throughout this state, throughout this country that will benefit this city for years to come,” said McKay. “I’m proud to say that I’m going to support Scott Walker for mayor. I think he can do things for this city that probably myself nor Connie Moran could have done. Through his connections in Washington and other places.”

    McKay also said in the press conference that he and Scott were friends, despite their contest in the primaries.

    Walker said he’s honored to have McKay’s support in the upcoming election. He said McKay’s support is particularly special, because he is the first candidate Walker ever walked with on a campaign trail.

  9. Remember that Ports Chairman who went on the DMR charter for McKay’s grandson’s birthday? Yeah, Sen. Wiggins sure grilled Jamie Miller all prosecutor style in his confirmation hearing. Now what happens if Miller lied under oath to the State Senate? Is that a criminal matter like it was for Roger Clements?

    1. I had the opportunity to look at that photo of the Silver Dollar “Birthday Trip” again…and noticed something that we have all overlooked. The DMR still has ears to McKay and the Walkers. One of the children at the birthday party belongs to the head of the DMR Wetlands Permit program…named Boyd. And I understand that he throws fundraisers for McKay too. He is another yes man that needs to go if you plan on purging the DMR of the Walkerites and Zeiglerites. The tenacles are long. Guess he thought that he got away since they got the Ex. Director, Chief of Staff and Chief of Enforcement. Just why are the Taxpayers paying for his child to go on McKay’s birthday party? It’s unethical…and he’s the Director of Wetlands….hit the road Jack! Are you listening Mr. Miller??

      1. I am wondering now if some unethical permits have been issued at the Walkers’ request?? Didn’t Baby Walker need a permit for the Bulkhead on his Ocean Springs property that he sold to the Land Trust?Hmmmm….Investigators might need to look at some of those wetland permits….that’s Federal law, isn’t it???? Hmmmm….I guess Mr. Boyd might ought to be looking over his shoulder IMHO…guess they all might have rubbed each others’ backs???? Bright orange would suit him just fine….he doesn’t like stripes.

    2. Sen. Wiggins endorsed his fishing partner in the mayoral race. Doesn’t take long for these newly elected politicians to dig in on the state revenue. Damn parasites.

  10. rfp can you repost your thoughts and the Scott Walker endorsement article on the todays post.I think people need to be reminded who McKay has in his camp as many times as possible.

  11. Moran name came up in DMR land scam too didn’t it? How sad for Ocean Springs that these two are our choices for Mayor.

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