8 thoughts on “Shades of Gates v Strain?”

  1. Doug, let us see just how principled the thugs at Jeff Gov are – if they do not file an objection, we know where they are coming from in this pathetic escapade, as government thugs ALWAYS hide – unless of course it is good for them!

    1. I once wrote here that I thought Deb Foshee conducted the affairs of the Parish Attorney’s office ethically and above board. Nothing has happened since to change my opinion.

      1. I understand, Doug, but with decades of dealings with government litigation, no, assuredly no public sector attorney lets such a request like this go w/o protest, if for no other reason than to prevent wholesale reading of public records and in this case, breaching attorney-client confidences. (Yes, admittedly an oxymoron for public records!)

  2. P.S. Doug – either Abel talked to the thugs at JeffGov (hmm, reminds one of a ministry in 1984) in advance and got an understanding on parameters of search, or we better see a protective order filed by JeffGov. Other than that, the fix would be apparent.

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