Scott Schlegel wins the Division D race (Revised)

FUD: Fear Uncertainty Doubt and executing it is the goal of every basher. Speaking of that term at this point I’ll remind everyone before Slabbed there was finance as in the financial boards on various investor forums where I learned the art of this internet thing.  In that universe there are only two disciplines of internet persona in the Pumper and Basher. Wins and losses are measured in dollars and cents so the lessons learned are quantifiable.  My experience has been what I learned back then also applies in large degree to political communications and the intersection of the internet and the politics is the domain of the astroturfers.

There is no need to recap the now concluded political campaign. Slabbed predicted after the primary the race was going into the sewer and that is where it went. Hilary Landry, despite spending lots of money in the primary, came in second to a low budget grassroots candidate. Going negative can quickly close a gap in a political race but this was not just any political race in a 78 precinct special election guaranteed to have a small turnout.  Yes, people who the political operatives term “chronic voters” will vote but these judicial races really bring out the legal community.  Everyone mostly knows everyone in the metro NOLA legal community so the negative campaign ads, especially the over the top ones with Cathy Jacobs, were guaranteed to turn folks off and not against the target Scott Schlegel.  This is a sample of the type of email that was flying around through cyberspace late last week:

A month ago I asked you to support Hilary Landry and I was proud to do so, but after her campaign went so negative against her opponent with some half truths I can no longer support her for judge. As most of you know I have been active in politics in Jefferson Parish for the past 20 years and I find that this type of campaining what is wrong with politics.

I am voting for Scott Schlegel tomorrow and ask you to do the same and also please vote NO for the tolls on the bridge.

Like I said FUD has it limitations and it seemed like the Landry campaign did not begin to roll out a better playing message until it was too late to salvage the race. In other news Judge Schlegel had his low budget victory party last night over at Buffalo Wild Wings on Vets in Metry and one of the former candidates for Division D Judge attended and quite frankly nothing causes tongues to wag in Jefferson Parish political circles like Parish Prez John Young and his on again off again relationship with former State Senator Julie Quinn. Luckily for everyone special Slabbed correspondent Cousin Luke was there and snapped a pic of John and Julie, close but not quite cuddled up. Continue reading “Scott Schlegel wins the Division D race (Revised)”