BrousStar sings his swan song for his old buddy Eric “Toolman” Paulsen

Gee Aaron I know a few months ago you put your hand on the bible and swore you committed multiple felonies but in your heart of hearts are you really guilty?

I do not begrudge WWL TeeVee airing BrousStar’s last performance (sans silly ear bandage) before he hits the Federal penitentiary, rather it was the attempted image makeover by Eric Paulsen, whose personal feelings for his long time friend in the former Goatherder in Chief ooze throughout the puff interview that I found offensive. It is pathetic to the point where everyone should watch it.

Paulsen’s puff interview makes for a nice compare and contrast with the interview Patsy Brumfield of the North East Mississippi Daily Journal conducted with Dick Scruggs last week, before he went back to prison. Brumfield is a respected print journalist in Mississippi media circles and there were no softball, “Gee Dick are you really guilty” type questions in her account of the interview Scruggs gave her no sir. One thing they did discuss is a part of the prison experience that certainly awaits the former Goatherder in Chief to which I previously alluded in the joyous transfer to a low security facility. Dick Scruggs explains via Patsy:

He spent much of his sentence in Ashland, but when his presence was required in Mississippi for court hearings, he experienced the prison system’s transit process on buses and planes through Oklahoma City and Atlanta.

While he said Oklahoma City’s prison wasn’t too bad, the worst was Atlanta – notoriously where Chicago mobster Al Capone spent some time.

Atlanta was “a hell hole” of filth, noise and 23-hour-per-day lockup where only the orderlies had any freedom because they were responsible for food delivery and cleanup, such as it was, Scruggs says.

After a week in solitary, Scruggs said he used postage stamps – prison currency – to bribe his way out to be an orderly.

Adventures galore await the former Chief Dragon Queen:

Rats and roaches were everywhere, he says about the Atlanta “nightmare” where sensory deprivation was the rule. He learned to calculate time by watching the Atlanta airport flight path and one specific plane that flew in daily about 4 p.m., he estimated. An hour later, they’d go to supper.

In Atlanta headed for Ashland, his cellmate was a pimp…..

For those of you that had your lives turned upside down by the Broussard flood of August 29, 2005, I would hope the above will provide some measure of solace for the problems caused by the man’s unbridled greed and unquenched thirst for money. True punishment awaits.

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  1. same swan song, poor aaron needs money. same hypocrite. while he professes forgiveness, his henchman abel continues self destructive retaliation against those who exposed his, aaron

  2. Can’t stomach to watch the video but how can you be “broke” Mr. Broussard when you are receiving your Kenner/JP pension payments of $60,000-70,000/yr, will pay no rent or board in NC and have 100 years to repay the federal restitution money ordered.

    Not being broken means you will probably meet and marry another juvenile statuesque blond like EWE and have your own reality show after serving -that is if you survive your daily prostate checks by BIG BROWN, and I ain’t talking UPS bro’.

    And you, Eric Paulsen, by allowing Mr.Broussard to tell such a lie on TV without questioning his pension and 100 yrs to repay makes you an accomplice to such a lie. No wonder Broussard was confident WWL would never expose his corruption with friends like you at the station.

    First it was Garlandfill which caused WWL radio to lose credibility and now “Pauperizing” Paulsen does the same to Wbub-Wbub-L TV( we love you Buddy “D” and you’re lucky u are not employed there anymore).

  3. This series is disgusting. The man has not even set foot in prison, and already, Eric Paulsen is helping to remake Broussard’s image. The man claims he is “not a crook,” but is “contrite.” Where is the hard-hitting journalistic follow up on that contradiction, Eric?

    Someone should have told Mr. Broussard that it is not very wise to speak to the media in advance of sentencing, especially with an out-of-town, guest Judge who could give a crap about the local politics. Amazing!

    1. Doesn’t the US Attorney need to raise a rukus about that? If so, do we really expect that to happen?

    2. The substitute U.S. Attorney and appointed judge from Corpus Christi did what was planned and predicted and let everybody off except Broussard giving all 100+ years to pay restitution.Such friendly prosecution and penalty will encourage and create more widespread corruption in local politics.

  4. But, didn’t he acknowledge he was a crook after his plea when he was videoed meeting the lady from out of town? Now, after that admission and a guilty plea to a felony, he states that he’s not a crook. Boy, am I confused.

  5. Sockpit is all over it. Nothing that a Federal Judge likes more than a defendant who repudiates his guilty plea, right? If I were Judge Head, I would excoriate this POS.

  6. Tea leaves say he is a sick man who asks for forgiveness then immediately repeats his same lies.

  7. Did I miss part 3?
    I didn’t see it air and there is no link to it that I can find!

    1. They also sought Jefferson Parish records aimed at determining whether he was the only official ever to give favorable treatment to a favored employee.

      “The questions that I asked, the information that I requested, would have revealed … was that customary, or was it unique?” Broussard said. “If it was customary, then that indictment might be defined … as selective prosecution.”

      Because… well… talk about proving the kind of man he is.

      1. That tactic has never worked for me when I got a traffic ticket for something everyone around me was also doing. Maybe I should have said “But Officer, it is customary here to roll through a stop sign. Everyone does it. No one comes to a full stop. This is selective prosecution!”
        Yeah. Right. Guilty or not guilty? Simple question – simple answer.

  8. Then all should join with Doug and protest to the FCC about WWL’s seeming inability to function in manner befitting a news organization – instead of some agitprop PR transmission belt.

  9. Broussard said ‘ There are many things in my life I will never know or understand’

    Its easy for others to understand you could be liked and loved by some as the Parish Godfather when your jobs to dead beats, letters written on behalf of commercial friends and friends in prison(Baroni) on Parish stationery and money you gave away did not come from your personal pockets.Obama is nothing compared to the social redistribution of wealth you socially authorized in JP during your 40 years of ” selective service” ( servicing/screwing the JP taxpayers).

    As a result, you have been ” selectively” chosen to enjoy the clean fresh air high up in the blue mountains of NC where the only thing you will need to timely evacuate will be your rectum from the local, dedicated ” pump” operators.

  10. So, Broussard was given a fine send off dinner by the Cherhardy, Sherman law firm at Andy’s Restaurant Wednesday night. Broussard was all smiles and seemingly without a care in the world. Of course, because Broussard steered the massive East Jeff legal services contract to the Cherhardy, Sherman firm, this was the least they do to show their appreciation. No doubt Broussard will join the firm as a “consultant” after he gets out of the pokey.

  11. Clearly what is lacking here amongst the commentors at Slabbed is the “balanced view”.

    So much vitrol! Give it a rest. The man served his community for a very long time, he made good decisions & bad decisions.He made some tremendous errors in judgment violating the law and breaking the trust of his constituents. Broussard accepted responsibility for his actions and will do his time, without making the public spend $millions on prosecution. When he’s out again he’ll have an indelible stain and a tough time. Let the system work. Piling on makes you look petty.</i

    To which the response is

    Drew Broach, | The Times-Picayune
    A balanced view, GUDNUF.

    I’m not sure if the “balanced view” applies to all felons, including bank robbers, check kiters, molesters and murderers. Particularly those felons who will be retiring on the same taxpayers that paid the bills for the illegal schemes.

    I suppose one hopes that the day never comes when some politician is off to prison; taking a plea deal contingent on pleading guilty to crimes they committed, and the press has to say they were a purely bad man or woman. What would that say about the electorate or the system.

    Al Capone famously supported soup kitchens, I’m sure some reporters wrote these same kind of comments as his syphilictic ass went away to the big house.

      1. I’ve often wondered about the line the media has to walk in interacting with the subjects of their reporting and cognative bias inherent to becoming friendly with the media subject.

        Former TP OpEd columnist Stephanie Grace caused lots of tongue wagging back in the day with her breakfast meetings with Broussard’s predecessor Tim Coulon, who is perceived as being “Broussard dirty”. Grace was not doing anything unethical per se but it came at the journalistic cost of fantastic potential sources.

        Elected officials comes and go (an old joke in Louisiana Investigative circles when its comes to being Insurance Commish or Sheriff of St Helena Parish behind go is “to prison) but janitors are timeless. 😉

        I’m sure Drew has fond memories of covering Broussard, a man possessive of excellent interpersonal skills (most sociopaths do). Like a bad penny he’ll be back and maybe Drew will snag the first post prison interview with him because no one I know believes that interview was BrousStar’s last.

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