BREAKING: I’m getting word the FBI is at the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority (UPDATED)

The exact term in the text message was the JP Housing Authority has been “raided” by the FBI. I’ll have more details as they become available.

I have confirmed the FBI raid with another source. Book ’em Dano!

Thursday Music: Lay off ’cause the man was doing his job…..

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun because Ken really is a heckuva nice guy.

RV in gated subdivision splits Gretna area family from neighbors, government. ~ Paul Purpura

What the man wants, he generally gets………

Captain, the sensors are picking up faint signs of life!

Houma towing magnate charged with illegal campaign payments to U.S. senators ~ John Simerman

“When Uncle Sam wants someone, they don’t stop until they get him.” ~ Banking professional circa 1999

Jim Brown’s weekly column: Tornado alley advice from Wizard of Oz

Thursday, May 30th, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


In spite of all the turmoil and tragedy visited on the little town of Moore, Oklahoma last week, one fact stands out: Every family with a storm cellar survived. No one who went to underground protection was killed or even injured. For the rest who tried to find protection above ground, it was a crapshoot. So why isn’t it mandatory that all structures in tornado prone areas, especially schools and other public buildings, have storm shelters?

Moore is in the part of the country that is known as Tornado Alley and City planners, know well that “below – ground shelters are the best protection against tornadoes.” Yet there is no specific building code that requires them. On the City of Moore web site, the recommendations are quite clear in stating that “every residence should have a storm safe room or underground cellar.”

Tornadoes are nothing new in this part of the country. In the Moore area alone, four major tornados have hit since 1998. In 201l, a major tornado swept through southern Missouri and Oklahoma causing some two billion dollars in damages. In fact, some 22 tornadoes have struck in or near Moore, killing more than 100 people since the town was incorporated in1893, according to the National Weather Service. Continue reading………….