7 thoughts on “We have renewed activity at the 5th Circuit!”

  1. SlabbedNation’s Video of da’ Year Award winna’ bro’. Had to cross my legs to stop pissin’ in my pants from laughing.

    Mo’ Super 8 Motel or Goatherder “brief” activity I presume.

  2. Was Danny Abel even a party to the Mississippi proceedings that are on appeal? Was he even an attorney of record in those proceedings?

    Mr. Laird: Why would you think an appellate court would expand the appellate record to include a belated, self-serving, conjectural letter that has not even received a response from the district court to which it was addressed in the first place?

    1. To the extent Abel’s rep precedes him at the 5th Circuit who in their right mind……..:-)

  3. Hey, Mr. Laird:

    Maybe the 5th Circuit knows something you don’t. From an April 12 Reasons for Judgment:

    “[M]oreover, the Webbs

    1. Well then! There was a book or a tv show titled something like How to win friends and influence people…

      I think I just found the first citation of the Webb v. Morella decision.

      “See also Webb v. Morella, 2012 WL 45411, 3 (5th Cir. 2012) (“Most cases affirming dismissals with prejudice involve at least one of three aggravating factors:(1) delay caused by the plaintiff himself and not his attorney;(2) actual prejudice to the defendant; or (3) delay caused by intentional conduct.”) (internal quotations omitted).”

      Page two here.

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