I would like to acknowledge the rampant rumor mill regarding DMR and Utility Authority related indictments

Cause it’s out there folks. With the benefit of my prior experience covering an active Federal criminal investigation, the key is to figure out who is squealing and the most reliable source of that information is usually the squealer, as was the case with Tim Whitmer. Along those lines Sean Anthony has been reported in comments here as cooperating with the authorities. I’m not ready to call such at this point but my experience has been the business people truly know where all the “bones are buried” for it is they that are the puppet masters.

I have some additional thoughts that, with a bit of luck,  I’ll share later.

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  1. Been hearing from all my buds in the Pass he has been wired for sound. Funny thing is everybody knows to stay away from him. He could not buy a politician a cup of coffee right now. He might be “banking’ on a pardon from the Governor according to the donor list published on Slabbed the other day.

  2. What does this man have to do with the DMR? I would think the ones doing the talking would be comming from Harrison and Jackson counties? And have you noticed when Guv Let’s Go Walking was on TV the other day that he had lost a good bit of weight? Must be getting ready to run for President.

  3. A lot of what is going on with SH Anthony has elements and people common to the DMR investigation. It is said certain contract concessions were made in D’Iberville for Anthony by Janus in return for money invested in various business deals headed by Janus and Walker. Also did Anthony finance anything else for anybody else? Time will reveal he did. His contract with the HCUD was a cash cow. Just look at the value of it in the first year compared to the value last year. This allowed him to do things like become a big player in local and state politics. Who help him get to this level will not surprise those that know how it all works

  4. Anyone wondering whether there might be a connection between HCUA and the DMR friends and family plan might consider this item reported in the HCUA BOD minutes.

    August 6, 2009
    Be it remembered that a meeting of the Harrison County Utility Authority Board of
    Directors was held on August 6, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. at the Harrison County Utility
    Authority Board Room, at 10271 Express Drive in Gulfport, Mississippi.

    The list of those attending the meeting may be viewed at this link.

    This item appears on page 4.

    d) Letter to DEQ

    1. I must caution that it is not yet confirmed that the Scott Walker making the presentation to the Harrison County Utility Authority is the same person as the JaWa/D’Iberville/”Oversights” Scott Walker. Perhaps someone could just ask a few of those attending these meetings if anyone in this picture was pitching for “free” underground mapping on the taxpayer’s dime?

      The phrase “these meetings” because apparently the same Scott Walker who was at the Harrison County Utility Authority Board meeting on July 9, 2009 was at the Hancock County Utility Authority Board meeting on July 8, 2009. Apparently making a similar pitch.

      Some of the details missing from the Harrison County Utility Authority board minutes are filled in by the July 8, 2009 Board Minutes of the Hancock County Utility Authority. The minutes report among other things:

      Request to Address the Board

      Mr. Scott Walker of Geospatial Corporation presented to the Board their plans for an underground digital mapping program for the new infrastructures being installed and funded by the CDBG projects along the Gulf Coast. He explained that this is a ten million dollar project coast wide with two million dollars allocated to Hancock County and would be at no cost to the Authority.

      After the presentation Mr. Walker requested the Board to contact MDEQ if they decided that the program would be something the Authority would be interested in utilizing. Attorney Artigues advised the Board that if they should decide to utilize the program, the contract should specifically state that the Authority would not have to absorb any type of expense.

      1. In Hancock County they certainly needed to map the millions of dollars in infrastructure the Utility Authority constructed in places where no one can build.

        Let me see if I can find the PEER report on same.

        1. The same applies over here in Harrison County. So much money spent so little real benefit to the taxpayers. What they really need to map out is all of the money and how much stayed in Jackson with people connected to the previous governor. Oh that’s right the FBI is doing that mapping project.

  5. rfp this is some great information. The picture(s) you included are of the same Scott Walker with Moby. You will also find a picture of Bill Walker with Lynn Fitch in this group. The Malvaney guy is also shown. He was also listed as one of Bryants major money men the other day.Seems like most of the questionable deals revolve around the same group of people.

    1. I am well acquainted with the fundraiser and other pictures and the Bacot McCarty group.

      I eagerly await informed comment on how many Scott Walkers have been roaming the halls of Mississipi government. One? More than one?

      Perhaps someone will know if Bacot McCarty held events at The Columns @ 132 during that storied institutions Icarus like existence. It does seem like it would have been just the perfect place for important non-profit whatnot and hobnobbery.

  6. I think the only person in our state working as a political fixer upper named Scott Walker is the one pictured at the Jolly. While I know other Scott Walkers he is the only one doing what he does what ever it is he does. I know what he claims to be his line of work but I am more interested in the things he will not claim even after a conviction come down. He will be at the Jolly this year and bet no one will want to be photographed with him. Serves him right.

  7. Yep, DMR, HCUA, MDEQ,PSC all need criminal investigations. Rumor is it there is a piece of legislation in Jackson that was drafted in light of those PEER reports, but it keeps getting killed in an Energy committee. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with someone whose first cousin has contracts with the county utility authorities.

    1. Dungan Engineering, Brooks Wallace. They did a lot of work for Pearl River CUA. He’s Tater’s cousin. Follow the money.

  8. I don’t mean to imply that Dungan is part of any corruption. They aren’t to my knowledge. But they feed in that utility authority trough that apparently Tate doesn’t want reformed. And it’s badly needed reform.

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