Into the minds of the “Park Avenue” lawyers in the Goatherder Nation: Keep pumping Danny Abel’s letter writing campaign at the 5th Circuit boys!

What can I say folks but ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! Hot off the presses from the legal jackassery department over at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview:

Moreover, the Webbs’ attorney, Daniel G. Abel, has repeatedly engaged in sanctionable conduct before this court. In Chisei v. Auto Club Family Ins. Co., 374 F. App’x 475, 477 (5th Cir. 2010), a panel of this court awarded sanctions against Mr. Abel’s client because Mr. Abel’s briefs were “wholly without merit,” “fail[ed] to fairly address the substance of the district court’s findings,” and “demonstrate[d] a pointed disrespect for ‘the limited resources of the judicial system.’” (quoting Stearman v. Comm’r, 436 F.3d 533, 540 (5th Cir. 2006)). In Martin v. Magee, No. 12-30263, 2012 WL 6644228, at *2 (5th Cir. Dec. 12, 2012), another panel of this court imposed $3,000 in sanctions against Mr. Abel, after finding that his briefing “indentifie[d] no legal error and raise[d] no significant, appealable issue.” Mr. Abel’s actions in this case continue what the Martin panel correctly described as “a continued pattern of filing frivolous, vexatious appeals that waste judicial resources.” Id.

Because the instant appeal is frivolous, vexatious, and wastes judicial resources and because Mr. Abel has repeatedly abused the appellate process, we GRANT the motion for sanctions and impose sanctions against Mr. Abel in the amount of the reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Morella in connection with this appeal. We REMAND to the district court for determination of reasonable fees and costs.

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Now the related court order. Click the pic to nab the 2 page pdf. Continue reading “Into the minds of the “Park Avenue” lawyers in the Goatherder Nation: Keep pumping Danny Abel’s letter writing campaign at the 5th Circuit boys!”

I would like to acknowledge the rampant rumor mill regarding DMR and Utility Authority related indictments

Cause it’s out there folks. With the benefit of my prior experience covering an active Federal criminal investigation, the key is to figure out who is squealing and the most reliable source of that information is usually the squealer, as was the case with Tim Whitmer. Along those lines Sean Anthony has been reported in comments here as cooperating with the authorities. I’m not ready to call such at this point but my experience has been the business people truly know where all the “bones are buried” for it is they that are the puppet masters.

I have some additional thoughts that, with a bit of luck,  I’ll share later.

The 24th JDC Division D race enters the home stretch

And Paul Purpura was there at the final weigh in.

Landry, Schlegel spar one last time before Saturday’s judicial race in Jefferson Parish ~ Paul Purpura

Paul gets to the bottom of all the recent campaign skullduggery including the use of the Dantin molestation case in an anti Schlegel mailer, a topic both I and Paul have covered in detail.  Paul received a statement from the victims family in Dantin and the contents of the statement do not surprise me in light of the fact I edited a post at the request of the victims family that was hard on the DA’s office.  I’m not gonna go into the particulars here in respect for the family’s privacy and besides Paul said it nicely anyway:

The ad led the boy’s mother to release a statement Monday to | The Times-Picayune, and to Schlegel’s campaign. The woman, who is not being identified to protect her son’s identity, said she does not fault Schlegel and says he and the district attorney’s office “has done a fine job in representing my family in this case.”

“The case is still pending and I find it reprehensible that someone running for judge would exploit this horrible tragedy involving my son for their own political gain,” she said in the statement. Schlegel, who assisted in the prosecution as “second chair,” read her statement to the audience.

OTOH Landry has finally honed in on Schlegel’s lack of civil trial experience, something that should have been rolled out in the beginning of the campaign IMHO.

Questions appearing to favor Landry provided her with the platform on which to highlight her experience in civil law and, in particular, child custody matters – experience Schlegel concedes he lacks but which she said is required.

I’ve been pleased with the response to Slabbed’s coverage of this judicial race as everyone has presented some good points in support of the candidate of their choice.  Landry is endorsed by the JP Alliance for Good Government, Schlegel the Times Picayune.  Slabbed’s endorsement in this race is to go vote for the candidate of your choice and be sure to pester at least one of the 85% or so of the electorate that has tuned out the race.

We have renewed activity at the 5th Circuit!

And folks it is not for the faint of heart.  As a certain guy from the old days on finance used to say, if you’re on heart medication or have erectile dysfunction please take care before clicking to see what is on the other side of the jump. Thank you. Continue reading “We have renewed activity at the 5th Circuit!”