Concocted evidence using false affidavits is their middle name……..

Weren’t the Goatherders blaming Hurricane Katrina in the ACOA litigation in Canada saying Danny Abel’s law office was in “New Orleans”?

In that affidavit, filed by Plaintiff Sampson on 12/26/09 in this proceeding, Chris Yount swears that he served Mr. Whetstone through the City Attorney on April 14th, 2004. However, then Plaintiff Sampson’s Supplemental Memorandum admits on 12/31/2009, that this mistaken or false affidavit was a “mistake” attributable to Hurricane Katrina. No mention of the undisputed fact that Mr.Whetstone was not employed by the City at the time of the attempted service is made. The newly scanned Record Document Numbers 2 and 8 in 04-1052 show that Mr. Yount did not go to the City Attorney’s office on April 14th, 2004 as he swore on 12/26/2009 under penalty of perjury, but Mr. Abel went to the City Attorney’s Office instead, as he acknowledges in his 12/31/09 supplemental memorandum.

Yes it is true Chris Yount is a Goatherder troll from way far back but what attracted me to Sampson v Whetstone was the fact it exhibits another of Danny Abel’s crash and burn civil rights lawsuits against NOPD as I continue with document 59-4:

(F). The Motion filed by attorney Daniel Abel in support of the Confirmation of Default on December 19th, 2006, ( Doc. # 36, Exhibit “1-C”), erroneously states that “the summons and citation were duly served on defendant MICHAELWHETSTONE on 11 February 2005″. This statement is not true, and it also conflicts with the date of service purportedly upon the City Attorney of April 14th, 2004, given by the other Affidavit filed by attorney Daniel Abel in support of the Preliminary Default on July 22, 2005 (Doc. # 18, Exhibit “1-B”). Thus, the two motions and affidavits filed in support of the confirmation of default are inconsistent with, and conflict with, each other.
(G). The Affidavit filed by attorney Daniel Abel in support of the Confirmation of Default on December 19th, 2006, ( Doc. # 36, Exhibit “1-C”), erroneously states in Paragraph 2 that “Whetstone was an officer of the NOPD at all pertinent times hereto”.
(H). The Affidavit filed by attorney Daniel Abel in support of the Confirmation of Default on December 19th, 2006, ( Doc. # 36, Exhibit “1-C”), erroneously states in Paragraph 4 that “service was made on Whetstone, returned, and entered in the docket.”
(I). On the original Complaint filed in 04-1052 (Doc. #1), an incorrect service address is listed for Mr. Whetstone.

Crash and burn at the hands of Judge Engelhardt? Slabbed reports, you decide. Next up some lovely music:

Is there a pattern developing of suing, then demonizing the lawsuit victim in legal pleadings for its own sake? This wouldn’t work for a lawyer that is perceived as squeaky clean ethically but for a bunch that completely lacks clean hands it is especially farcical.  Respected Northshore lawyer Chuck Hughes, himself the subject of a Goatherder inspired lawsuit and Channel 4 attack piece via Gates v Strain explains:

Gates v Strain Memo in Support - DQ Danny Abel

If there is one thing I’ve noticed in the multiple Goatherder lawsuits against me, Slabbed and now AMV is the evidence submitted in these lawsuits is completely of their own concocting in multiple affidavits, usually of the fanciful variety. There is one other thing that I gotta point out about Gates v Strain and that is former Supreme Court Justice Pascal Calogero circling the lawsuit like a fly over a steaming pile of dog shit because he often runs with Danny Abel and the Goatherders.  Here is how Channel 4’s Mike Pearlstein spun it in an incredibly dishonest piece of TeeVee journalism:

Former Supreme Court Justice weighs in

Williams isn’t the only veteran legal mind to arrive at that conclusion. Former Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Pascal Calogero said he was so outraged by the case, he joined Gates’ legal team.

“Naturally it made me upset,” Calogero said. “I’ve been part of the judicial system for an awful long time and I saw an injustice, personally, and that’s why I took the case

I bet the reason Pascal signed up initially to defend Nipun Desai along with Danny Abel on that Cocaine Districution charge stemming from a raid on the owners suite at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview by Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office Narcotics detectives was because he was outraged by that too.  The reason Chuck Hughes was sued was to conflict him out of the case folks. This is a common Goatherder tactic as we continue with Pearlstein’s smear job:

Chuck Hughes is an attorney for the sheriff’s office, and his law firm also represents the insurance company that provides the sheriff’s liability policy. In one courtroom exchange, Hughes admitted that the resisting arrest charge could protect against an insurance claim by Gates.

In one portion of the transcript of his testimony, Hughes said, “It would be in the best interest of the sheriff’s office to have a resisting arrest conviction in a matter where there was a civil case, yes.”

Calogero said, “I think perpetuating this, keeping him out of trial for his damages under these circumstances is just not justified.”

Ol’ Pascal is certainly over the hill and washed up but maybe we should all consider that hypothetical questions do garner hypothetical answers which is the part Pearlstein left on the cutting room floor. It seems to me Hughes has a monster Abuse of process/malicious prosecution lawsuit against Danny Abel in the offing but he’ll need to get into line.  😉

Gates v Strain Memo in Support - DQ Danny Abel 1

And when it comes to Abel’s band of Goatherders he goes funny uncle very quickly:

Gates v Strain Memo in Support - DQ Danny Abel 2

This pleading is now moot as Magnum’s partner James Williams now represents Gates but is also very revealing.  It appears Danny Abel and the Goatherders can’t conduct litigation without demonizing opposing counsel and I’m sorry to say Henry Laird at Jones Walker has stooped to such a low level filing pleadings in Mississippi that accused my lawyer Bobby Truitt of perpetrating a fraud upon the United States District Court in the Southern District of Mississippi. I alluded to this last week but the bottom line is if you sign up to take on the Goatherders you will certainly get smeared in baseless court filings and maybe even on Goatherder TeeVee, which is now on the discovery table in Magee v Martin, Abel et al.  Slabbed will be there to cover it all in detail.

3 thoughts on “Concocted evidence using false affidavits is their middle name……..”

  1. Maybe Goatherder TeeVee would want to do a story on another great legal injustice, namely the prolonged criminal case of Louisiana vs. Desai in 24th JDC which has long time Supreme Court Justice Pascal Calogero defending the rights of Desai against alleged cocaine drug charges.

    And since the election of a 24th JDC judge is this Saturday it would be a timely story of how and why certain defendants are not prosecuted timely like everyone else. Especially when all the crime fighting officials in the same jurisdiction claim that certain candidates, with prosecutorial training in the 24thJDC DA’s office, would allegedly be great “crime fighting” judges.

    Can someone in the SlabbedNation publish some facts, names of legal counsels, pleadings and presiding judge/s in this protracted criminal case against defendant Desai, who once housed the legal suite for Aaron Broussard in his Super 8 Motel at 2421 Clearview Pkwy. Metairie, La..

    Wonder what per cent of La. attorneys have their legal office in a motel? Pretty weird setup and connection considering the U.S.Mail service, not usually reliable even to free standing residences and businesses, usually does not deliver to rooms/suites numbers at motels especially suites with a front door that fails to state the names of the practicing attorneys within.

    1. Spot on commentary Lockem.

      5 years for a cocaine distribution case to await trial is disturbing. Much of that time was spent in a Desai witch hunt to unmask to confidential informant that gave him away to the JPSO.

      Desai currently has a different set of lawyers.

      I will prevail upon someone with JeffNet access to print me a current docket on State v Desai.

  2. IMHO, the names Calogero and Unglesby showing up as counsel of record for Nick Desai means Hugh Sibley and Calvin Fayard are calling in some favors.

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