They have perfected Kamikaze Goat repellent at the 5th Circuit!

It appears Danny Abel’s letter writing campaign is over as the media department at Jones Walker strikes out on “expanding the record” with fantasy evidence.

5th Circuit Motion Denied

5 thoughts on “They have perfected Kamikaze Goat repellent at the 5th Circuit!”

  1. Doug:

    Did you ever post the letter that Abel wrote? The Slabbed Nation would probably love to read the musings of Mr. Abel that lead to this quickfire order from the US 5th, where Mr. Abel has met the wrath of the 5th Circuit before.

    1. Dare I post it now? It is goatherdian jackassery of the highest order and magnitude. If I post it ppl will want context and that is the one thing I can not provde due to the upcoming legal proceedings.

      Who wants to see Abel’s letter with no commemtary on my part?

  2. Slabbed Nation, welcome to Orleans Parish. The power of political persuasion, in the New Orleans media arena, is extensive. In the affirmative Lock: Yes Jack, there are more political backers of the libel tourists trying to take the Slabbed Nation down than just Lil’ Napoleon. Wait for ‘An Easter Surprise’ commentary in context as the legal politics emerge. See, Real Malice letters (3/29, 4/20/2013): “Prudence requires us to abstain from comment on this matter until its final resolution.” As the Book of Eli says: don’t throw your pearls before Kamikaze Goats when cockroachs lurk in the shadows.

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