Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: The Bomber, Miranda and the Constitution!

Thursday, April 25th, 2013
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Constitutional rights for the Boston bomber? Are you kidding? For days we watched the video footage of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev walking the streets of Boston with a backpack loaded with a homemade bomb. A growing list of circumstantial evidence points to his guilt. Yes, he is a naturalized American citizen, but we watched this drama unfold on TV and he seems to be about as guilty as you can get. So why does this heinous accused murderer deserve any rights at all?

Polls taken by local media across the country show that the public considers the bomber to be a terrorist. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham summed up the prevailing view in a tweet: “The Law of War allows us to hold an individual in this scenario as an enemy combatant without Miranda warnings or appointment of counsel. The last thing we may want to do is to read Boston suspect Miranda Rights.” So the question is: Does the constitution protect the rights of every American citizen in the United States? First of all, were these two brothers enemy combatants or terrorists? There is no evidence so far that they received either encouragement or specific help from any outside source. They were apparently religious fanatics, but is that enough to call this a terrorist attack?

If these two distorted and warped young men are to be labeled terrorists or enemy combatants as Senators Graham and McCain have suggested, then what’s the difference between what they did and what happened in Tucson, Columbine, Aurora and Sandy Hook? At the Sandy Hook elementary school, 26 people were shot and killed including 20 children. Was the shooter, Adam Lanza a terrorist? At a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, 70 people were shot and 12 died. And how about the Tucson shooting by Jared Loughner, where 19 people were shot including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and where 6 were killed? Ten years ago two teenagers killed 12 students, a teacher, and themselves at suburban Denver’s Columbine High School. As horrendous as these killings were — were any of them really acts of terrorism? Continue Reading……………………..

One thought on “Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: The Bomber, Miranda and the Constitution!”

  1. This is all a lot of HORSESHIT. The surviving Terrorist was SHUT UP, ie. read his Miranda rights (was the Federal District Judge who actually went to the hospital to do so an OBomber appointee?), to KEEP HIS SECRETS UNDER WRAP, ie. to protect OBomber, our Muslim President. That today is April 25th is very momentous. On or about this date in 1862, Farragut’s Yankee Fleet, which had successfully “run the forts” below New Orleans with minimal casualties, anchored in the Mississippi River adjacent to New Orleans. Several detachments of troops were sent ashore (although the City was not resisting), including Captain Bailey from the USS CAYUGA, intent on receiving the formal surrender of the City, which did not come until a few day’s later. But a Gambler named William B. Mumford (married, two children) removed the American flag from the top of the Mint at Esplanade and Decatur Streets (the City had not yet formally surrendered), and proceeded to drag the flag through the streets enroute from the Mint to City Hall. For this alleged act of treason, Mumford (a Mexican War veteran who served honorably) was hauled before a Military Tribunal and sentenced to hang by the neck until DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. And hang he did on June 7, 1862 from a flag staff on the Mint Building, while his Family, friends and supporters waited in vain for a reprieve that never came. I aver that this raghead piece of shit in Boston, the “younger” brother, is entitled to treatment similar to what the Yankees (General Benjamin “Beast” or “Spoons” Butler) meted out to Mumford in 1862, and that it is our own President, OBomber, and people within his Administration, who are in need Miranda warnings – not some Muslim raghead piece of shit who obtained his U.S. Citizenship through fraud and incompetence. Is it too much of a “stretch” to conclude that a man who participated in killing 4 and maiming 294 had committed an act of treason, which resulted in the relinquishment of certain rights otherwise enjoyed by citizens? Ponder Mumford’s trial and hanging by Military Tribunal for desecrating a piece of cloth. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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