If there is one piece of advice I’d give to Bill “Quitclaim” Magee ;-)

Two words Bill: Video Depositions, preferably posted to Youtube.  My money is on Magee putting Eric “The Toolman” Paulsen himself to the question in order to examine his state of mind when Channel 4 was pumping Danny Abel’s crash and burn racketeering lawsuit against Magee on behalf of the Martin family.

Meantime in other news by my count there are at least 5 complaints filed against Danny Abel with the Louisiana ODC including the one filed by Louisiana 22nd JDC Chief Judge William J Knight.

Meantime from the cause and effect files I’ve been notified the Mississippi wing of the Goatherder Nation has sent in more Kamikaze Goats as I’ve received this dispatch from the fabled Slabbed Legal Team on the latest activity at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

4 thoughts on “If there is one piece of advice I’d give to Bill “Quitclaim” Magee ;-)”

  1. Were they trying to expand the record? That seems to be 1 of the “hallmarks” of their pattern and practice.

    1. Exactly. The 5th Circuit told them no in record time as we had no time to even file an objection. I suspect Abel’s rep proceeds these silly Goatherders at the Wisdom Courthouse.

      I hope we get oral arguments so this jackassery is presereved on the internet for posteriety.

      I think I’ll post some docs that illustrate that which I speak.

  2. Abel lurking in the 5th Circuit after he was slammed for the same jackassery. Sounds like some more sanctions in the future.

  3. From the docs I have seen, William Knight has also been sanctioned by the ODC. He also has some issues with sworn conflicting testimony. There is also a certain civil law attorney that Knight is not allowed to decide cases for and if the “random” allotment ends up with the two together they have to have a jury trial.

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