And the travesty of justice is complete: Tim Whitmer gets probation

It was Whitmer and Wilkinson, along with Dominick Fazzio that hammered out the parish contract with the River Birch Landfill.

Tim Whitmer gets 3 years probation for covering up crimes in Broussard administration ~ Drew Broach

Under Broussard, who was largely a hands-off executive, Whitmer ran the 3,100-employee, $500 million administration. He possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of projects and programs and was renowned for answering emails deep into the night, after ramrodding meetings and extinguishing political fires all day.

This is absolutely true. Broussard was always off running scams for his own self enrichment while Tim Whitmer was the defacto Parish Prez under two administrations. To the underlings at Yenni, Whitmer was seen as a ruthless snake in the grass that terrorized the minion. In certain circles he is as hated as Tom Wilkinson as both used blunt force trauma as their preferred management style. Unlike Wilkinson, who is crass and vulgar, Whitmer had the Cleaver family playground spiel perfected.  Both are now convicted felons.

In other news my Truitt Law Firm Mug arrived in the mail today and it is a keeper! Thanks Bobby.

10 thoughts on “And the travesty of justice is complete: Tim Whitmer gets probation”

  1. If eyewitnesses are to be believed Asst US Atty Klebba made a beeline to Whitmer to warmly shake his hand. Pretty cozy IMHO. Hmmmm

  2. Here is a quick run-down on the “JP Scandal. Whitmer, no jail time, Wilkinson, no jail time. Parker, no jail time. Coulon, no indictment! Heebe, no Indictment! Broussard, a slap on the wrist. Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted by JP POLs. Millions wasted on Fed investigations, court appearances, etc. Shame on Mr. Letten. Shame on Perricone. Shame on the Mann’s. What a monumental waste of time, money and talent.

    1. Think on the matter this way – Jefferson saw at best a defenestration coup which resulted in new faces of the old gang placed in power. Look at what people in other parishes are thinking now – their kleptocrats have done worse and any case against them may have by now prescribed, certainly due to the antiis of LettenthemOff.

  3. let us at least be thankful the rotten bastards are out of office!
    (space now for new rotten bastards to move in.)

  4. Will these “convicted felons receive their full pensions? Whitmer and Wilkinson seemed to have come out of this whole scenario in great shape. Big pensions for life. Maybe even able to stay licensed as an insurance broker and attorney. Who says “crime doesn’t pay.

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