Wednesday Tease: Taking advantage of an unplanned day off

I was really looking forward to visiting with my peeps in Jefferson Parish today but alas events and the weather forced a cancellation. So I took out a piece of paper and made some notes, returned a few phone calls to lay the groundwork for some muckraking in the public interest. With that set up here are a few random thoughts:

As soon as the AMV settlement is completely signed sealed and delivered I’ll compose what will likely be a series of post on what Slabbed termed the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.  Kinda like “uncola” from the olden days the subject matter will not center as much on the crash and burn of Team Letten’s botched investigation as much as the scandal itself including some previously undisclosed inside info, some of which I’ve held close for over 2 years. Cue to ELP.

With Tim Whitmer’s sentencing tomorrow Whitmergate, the Slabbed commenter who literally did know where all the “bones were buried”, has announced to me that he is committing hari- kari but before the character is killed there will be a farewell guest post.  In the words of the immortal Douglas MacArthur old internet handles never die they simply change their name.  😉

Next up is a clarification of a rumor that I repeated here on Slabbed.  Michaela Hill did not commit suicide at the Bolton Building.  This whole part of the DMR saga is a tale that needs telling and it is my hope, in time, to tell it in a respectful manner. The picture that is emerging is complex, yet one that touches on age old themes of the human condition including what the ancients Greeks termed Hubris. Coming out of Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish these are familiar themes for the lifers here.

I hope everyone that reads this takes time to watch Frontline: The Retirement Gamble on their local PBS station or online here because Martin Smith does a good job explaining how most people are ripped off by their 401K dealer.  It has applications across the securities industry.  This is one of those topics which I could construct a major post drawing upon over 2 decades of experience as a public practice CPA that would be well received by a small number of high quality readers with no mass appeal so I won’t.  I’ll add that anyone with an ounce of self respect and/or respect for their money should click the link.  I know most of you won’t. Somewhere in that is the genesis of my decades plus passion for behavioral finance and economics.

Moving right along I’ve had several readers ask me for a Trannygate update.  My money is on Slabbed unequivocally solving the mystery.

Next up are some current events that deserve their own posts. Here’s hoping I clear the list:

  1. Delay claims and contractor default at the (non)Performing Arts Center is the talk of the Yenni Building.  Slabbed has tackled this subject at least twice and I think that my last post on this exact subject got people in Baton Rouge thinking.  Lord knows I hope so.
  2. Speaking of Performing Arts, Dennis Assaf is a dead maestro walking, at least if the taxpayer funded leeches at the Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Society ever expect to see another dime of taxpayer money. This is the word from the Lafreniere Park Wino, who is happy she got the hell outta of Lafayette Square. I’ll explain why.
  3. Bad news today on the performance of the NOLA CDC where the average murder defendant gets around 4.5 years of freedom to trial.  To that I’ll say that a certain Jefferson Parish Cocaine distribution defendant that once housed Aaron Broussard as his staff attorney has now evaded justice and a court date for 5 years as an update to the saga of Nipun Desai is in order as we ask, how the hell can a cocaine distribution case be delayed in courts for over 5 years? It is a worthy question.
  4. Anyone hear what the heck happened with those Henry Shane JEDCO emails?  I think it is time for Slabbed to hire counsel and send in a PRR.
  5. Finish Part 2 of Aaron Broussard is rented by Joe Canizzaro.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Tease: Taking advantage of an unplanned day off”

  1. Slabbed; I tried to click on “Cue to ELP.” I get a yellow star with an explanation point (!) Does this mean that this info is for paying customers only?

    1. I have a different problem lately.

      I clicked on a bunch of links and keep getting redirected here! Which does seem somewhat appropriate.

      Some other things turned up recently. Here is a donation to Phil Bryant by Sean H. Anthony.

      Thanks to Project Vote Smart

      Governor Phil Bryant’s Campaign Finances

      Top Contributors
      ANTHONY, SEAN H $32,000.00

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