From the sewer in Jefferson Parish to the sewer at the Governors Mansion in Jackson its rotten to the core

Hat Tip RFP in comments who just left the mother of all links in Phil Bryant’s major campaign contributors in one Timothy P Bonura of All South Consulting Engineers. This is not the first time Phil or an organization very close to Phil Bryant surfaces in a corruption scandal in metro New Orleans lest we forget USA v St Pierre.

16 thoughts on “From the sewer in Jefferson Parish to the sewer at the Governors Mansion in Jackson its rotten to the core”

  1. On that list of Phil’s big donors, George Malvaney for $21,000, and you know there is more. How I found it is at least half the story.

    Meanwhile, can I get a link to “Engineering Firm A”? I remember seeing it while I was occupied with something else. I can’t find the reference now. Pretty sure what it is related to though. Any info could be useful.

    And a bump to a previous ask. It has to do with the

    1. And a bump to a previous ask. It has to do with the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center land acquisition mentioned in the OIG report.

      Is Fred Walker of Gulfport significantly connected to the DMR Walkers? If so, then there is another interesting property acquisition to take a closer look at. Said property is already on the OIG list….

      Which one are you speaking of rfp ?…..

      The Fred Walker Insurance at 224 W. Railroad St. Long Beach one. Is there a significant connection to the DMR and Ocean Expo Walkers?

  2. What about Carter.Big donation of over $60, he and wife = appointment to Ms.Gaming Commission.No experience required.

      1. I think they sold Delta Sanitation to WastePro and no longer have any ownership. rfp please research this and report back to us.(He/She does a great job at getting to the info.)

  3. Sounds like the Gov.of Mississippi needs to be looked at and brought down hard by the Feds.Seems he has the attitude he is untouchable.It could be that he is being carefully watched now. You never know.The list of people that gave money to him speaks volumes. He is nothing but a burdon on the state.It is time for Mississippi to make major changes in state goverment. When Republicans are starting to say that it shows you how bad it has gotten. And yes i am one of them

    1. Oh you’ve come a long way Hammer!! I remember disagreeing with you about the Hewes’ clan and you chided me about telling what I knew then. I tried to tell everyone then that we needed to police our own, but everyone was too defensive. All of the insecure nothings in the conservative party have now been able to take it down. Our true Statesmen are no more in control. And now it is too far out of hand and the conservatives look like a bunch of hypocrites because of it.
      I can only pray that the right ones are indicted and don’t get a free ride when this shake-up is over. I am not liking what I have seen so far because it appears they will be skating away scott-free and only the lowly and scape-goats will be caught in the web. I am happy to see that you have seen the light….wish it had come sooner than later though…

  4. The listing Property Detail at the link shows that JAWA INVESTMENTS LLC (with a Biloxi mailing address) owes the 2012 taxes plus an additional penalty.

  5. Any way to find out what else JAWA owns. It would be interesting to know just how deep Janus is involved with Walker.I have read Janus is a partner in Maxwell-Walker Consulting. If this is true he has a big problem in D’Iberville. Who were the other owners in the [email protected] Bar in Biloxi? We know Walker,Janus, and Hornsby were involved. There are 6 others. Who are they?

    1. Will post more later when I have time. Some names now. Also chumming and trolling for related hints and scuttlebutt….

      I have at least one source listing each of these additional persons involved in [email protected] Bar:

      John Codella

      David Rothbart

      Rothbart (hired by Diberville as a “consultant” for apparently at least $20,000- in the words of Michael Janus: “peanuts for what he does.”)

      Like Janus said in the “oversights” story:

      “Yes, he is a personal friend of mine,” Janus said of Rothbart. “Scott (Walker) has been a friend of mine. Dub (Hornsby)[D’Iberville city attorney W. Fred Hornsby III lol] and Mr. Rothbart — “we’re all friends. At the end of the day we work together.”

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