From the sewer in Jefferson Parish to the sewer at the Governors Mansion in Jackson its rotten to the core

Hat Tip RFP in comments who just left the mother of all links in Phil Bryant’s major campaign contributors in one Timothy P Bonura of All South Consulting Engineers. This is not the first time Phil or an organization very close to Phil Bryant surfaces in a corruption scandal in metro New Orleans lest we forget USA v St Pierre.

Wednesday Tease: Taking advantage of an unplanned day off

I was really looking forward to visiting with my peeps in Jefferson Parish today but alas events and the weather forced a cancellation. So I took out a piece of paper and made some notes, returned a few phone calls to lay the groundwork for some muckraking in the public interest. With that set up here are a few random thoughts:

As soon as the AMV settlement is completely signed sealed and delivered I’ll compose what will likely be a series of post on what Slabbed termed the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.  Kinda like “uncola” from the olden days the subject matter will not center as much on the crash and burn of Team Letten’s botched investigation as much as the scandal itself including some previously undisclosed inside info, some of which I’ve held close for over 2 years. Cue to ELP.

With Tim Whitmer’s sentencing tomorrow Whitmergate, the Slabbed commenter who literally did know where all the “bones were buried”, has announced to me that he is committing hari- kari but before the character is killed there will be a farewell guest post.  In the words of the immortal Douglas MacArthur old internet handles never die they simply change their name.  😉

Next up is a clarification of a rumor that I repeated here on Slabbed.  Michaela Hill did not commit suicide at the Bolton Building.  This whole part of the DMR saga is a tale that needs telling and it is my hope, in time, to tell it in a respectful manner. The picture that is emerging is complex, yet one that touches on age old themes of the human condition including what the ancients Greeks termed Hubris. Coming out of Slabbed’s coverage of the scandal in Jefferson Parish these are familiar themes for the lifers here.

I hope everyone that reads this takes time to watch Frontline: The Retirement Gamble on their local PBS station or online here because Martin Smith does a good job explaining how most people are ripped off by their 401K dealer.  It has applications across the securities industry.  This is one of those topics which I could construct a major post drawing upon over 2 decades of experience as a public practice CPA that would be well received by a small number of high quality readers with no mass appeal so I won’t.  I’ll add that anyone with an ounce of self respect and/or respect for their money should click the link.  I know most of you won’t. Somewhere in that is the genesis of my decades plus passion for behavioral finance and economics.

Moving right along I’ve had several readers ask me for a Trannygate update.  My money is on Slabbed unequivocally solving the mystery.

Next up are some current events that deserve their own posts. Here’s hoping I clear the list: Continue reading “Wednesday Tease: Taking advantage of an unplanned day off”

Auction of Danny Abel’s storage unit cancelled

And this folks is a doggone shame because, thanks to the generosity of readers like John in Metairie, Slabbed had the funds to buy it, lock stock and barrel.  And to think Abel claimed in a court filing he wasn’t having money problems.

Click here to go to the Elmwood Self Storage and Wine Cellar website advertising the auction.

That said all is not lost as we now know the location of the storage unit for the Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview.

As predicted, the 24th JDC Division D race heads into the sewer (Updated)

I tell you folks there is nothing quite like a down and dirty campaign for public office, Louisiana style.

I searched Youtube for the latest Hilary Landry commercial featuring an older woman that was in an abusive relationship that was not happy with the job Scott Schlegel did protecting her from her former hubby but could not find it.  Let’s see if it pops up online later.

Update: Scott Schlegel has responded to the ad via his Facebook page:

Politics. As expected, the false, negative campaign has ramped up. The mailer that is hitting mailboxes today is a complete misrepresentation of the facts. And the liberties that were taken are shameful for any candidate, especially a judicial candidate. Please take a look at the actual email and the mailer to see what is missing before the word “Had.” There will be more to come on this issue. Integrity is the most important quality in a judge.


And the question Alex is who is “Engineering Firm A”

For those of you that have not been reading the commentary on the post on curious Harrison County property tax assessments, I highly recommend it as the community ties in the Utility Authority and the dreaded A word “Auditing”, something our own State Auditor no longer does much of.

Speaking of this I hope the lesson being offered here is not lost as the voodoo we do at Slabbed New Media is replicated across a myriad of topics, be it corruption at the highest levels of Jefferson Parish Government, here on the coast or a certain case involving a majorly well hung Tranny in Orange County Florida.  Lest I digress.  😉

These Utility Authority deals cut across the entire expanse of the coast and may prove fertile ground for prosecution as the reasons the FBI have been visiting the local courthouses and annexes comes into much sharper focus.

Goats on a rope: Jones Walker loses another media case

Here at Slabbed New Media we use winners only for the vital legal function as the Goatherders at Jones Walker’s Gulfport office lose yet again.

Judge finds DMR unable to give newspaper records in state auditor’s possession ~ Anita Lee

On deck for the Jones Walker gang, my prediction the Bay St Louis Comfort Station property owners litigation will crash and burn.  My understanding is there is a case out there on the I-110 loop that is on point to those issues.

The value in having good lawyers is they will also tell you when you don’t have a case instead of ginning fees in pursuit of lost causes.