Let’s visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction (Updated)

Everybody on the the west end of the Mississippi Coast understands places like the Timber Ridge subdivision in Pass Christian are highly popular with Louisiana expats. Below is an example of a higher end home just off the Bay of St Louis.

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This house happens to belong to Sean Anthony, owner of S.H. Anthony Construction which is embroiled in controversy with the Harrison County Utility Authority for showing perks on the former executive director.  I associate Anthony with Jefferson Parish and the reason is because he was a big contributor to the election campaign of current Parish Prez John Young while several of the Harrison County chapter of the greater Slabbed Nation were witnessing his company seemingly laying infrastructure such as waterlines and repaving the street only to tear the same area back up a few months later for more work.  Perception or reality this is what first landed Anthony on Slabbed’s radar screen.

So why in the “blue hell” am I yammering on about this? If there is something Slabbed has made a living on is online searchable databases, the SEC”s Database EDGAR is a classic example of a place that contains a literal treasure trove information.  Another is the local tax assessor and Slabbed has pioneered the “zero assessment” in our extensive coverage of the Goatherder Nation. In any event let’s visit with David Larosa in Harrison County Mississippi and get the low down on Mr Anthony’s property tax assessment:

PPIN 73239 Harrison Co MS

So there you have it folks, Mr and Mrs Anthony’s unimproved lot is appraised for $121,210 and assessed at 15% of the “true” aka appraised value at $18,182. The only thing that is missing from the equation is the $1,449,000 house that sits on this lot that is currently for sale by Mr and Mrs Anthony. I wonder how much in property tax $$$$$$$ that works out to? Is it possibile Mr Anthony has connections to the tax assessor’s office as well as the utility authority? Let’s shake the tree and see what falls out. 😉

This post was subsequently corrected with comments from Tax Collector Larosa regarding the 2012 tax assessment.

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  1. Wow! That’s a pretty awesome find! I will look at the Jackson county rolls and see what I can find.

  2. Check my math.

    Tax = Value X Assessment Rate X Millage Rate.


    Estimated 2011 tax = $1,449,000.00 (assuming some relationship between the ask and the actual appraised value) X 10% (assuming the ‘unimproved lot’ is actually Class I Single family, owner occupied, residential real property Primary Residence) X .1391 (actual posted 2011 millage rate for Tax District P)

    Estimated 2011 tax = $20,155.59. Which might not be accurate for some reason or other.

    Comparing apples to apples might mean comparing the assessed values of similar nearby vacant lots with the assessed value of this ‘vacant lot’. There appear to be others close by with much higher assessments.

        1. Finished 2011ish. According to my source broke ground in 2009.

          I am aware of constructed properties finished as late as the Spring of 2012 that made it on the latest tax rolls.

          1. Doug,
            I would like to see your staff hammer this all the way home.Just about every City or County entity is in bed with them on the Gulf Coast.I am sure there is plenty of illegal activity that going on as i post this

          2. Hammer is talking about your big staff, you know like the one Moses carried when he split the Red Sea, except here you’re splitting the toxic water in Gulfport’s Assessor’s Office.

  3. Assessed value is not the tax owed, correct? That is the value of the real property and the tax math would then be applied to that amount to determine tax?

    You can see I am not the taxpayer in my family.

  4. Per MLS from a realtor friend, it is listed as 1.5 years old.

    From Roll Year 2012:

    County $653.64
    City $881.10
    School $1069.10

    Total Taxes $2603.84

    1. For 2012 the millage rate for District P was 143.21.

      Suppose an owner occupied residential property located in Harrison County MS District P was appraised at $1,000,000.

      Then I think the 2012 taxes would be calculated as

      $1,000,000 X 10% X 0.14321 = $14,321.00

  5. Word on the street is Anthony and his wife have been cooperating with authorities and have been interviewed by the FBI.They also financed more than just one vehicle for the ex-director of the HCUA. Might even have done the same for some other employees or board members. But where the real money is in question is the inflated values paid for properties purchased for infrastructure placement. What was paid and who the sellers were is the next front for the Feds. Anthony also is said to have an involvement with Janus in D’Iberville. Were contract modifications traded for money invested into some of Janus-Walkers (JAWA LLC) business schemes? We will see. Anthony is being punished for stealing the HCUA business from his Uncle who raised him and taught him the trade. He left taking this account with him. Karma is hell and so are the G-MEN.

    Kermit Z Anthony Pass Christian Ms President, Director


    Interesting to note the other bidders mentioned in this. Including S.H. Anthony.




  7. There you go rfp. I guess once he got the contract it really grew. Over 3mil last year. That is a whole lot of cars and trips for certain people. Can you say Costa Rica folks?

  8. Has the entire Coast been infilatrated by crooks???? What is up with this? Why are all of these people, all of the sudden, stealing like this? Is this from the backwash of Trent Lott’s staffers being without jobs?? Is it from something in the water??? I can’t imagine that there are this many white collar crime crooks among us. Used to just have to worry about Supervisors giving away a cuvert or two or a load of dirt. Now this has really gotten out of hand folks.

    1. The first line of the comment has a typographical error.

      It should have been:

      “In the appeal previously mentioned above (No.?2008

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