Let’s visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction (Updated)

Everybody on the the west end of the Mississippi Coast understands places like the Timber Ridge subdivision in Pass Christian are highly popular with Louisiana expats. Below is an example of a higher end home just off the Bay of St Louis.

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This house happens to belong to Sean Anthony, owner of S.H. Anthony Construction which is embroiled in controversy with the Harrison County Utility Authority for showing perks on the former executive director.  I associate Anthony with Jefferson Parish and the reason is because he was a big contributor to the election campaign of current Parish Prez John Young while several of the Harrison County chapter of the greater Slabbed Nation were witnessing his company seemingly laying infrastructure such as waterlines and repaving the street only to tear the same area back up a few months later for more work.  Perception or reality this is what first landed Anthony on Slabbed’s radar screen.

So why in the “blue hell” am I yammering on about this? If there is something Slabbed has made a living on is online searchable databases, the SEC”s Database EDGAR is a classic example of a place that contains a literal treasure trove information.  Another is the local tax assessor and Slabbed has pioneered the “zero assessment” in our extensive coverage of the Goatherder Nation. In any event let’s visit with David Larosa in Harrison County Mississippi and get the low down on Mr Anthony’s property tax assessment: Continue reading “Let’s visit a spell about the S in S.H. Anthony Construction (Updated)”

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