BREAKING: AMV’s suit against Jefferson Parish has settled

And the whistleblower suit is over! Congratulations to AMV, Parish Prez John Young, Deb Foshee and Bobby Truitt. As a sage litigator of national renoun once told me, settling means taking less than what you want it is also true there are situations where everyone comes out on the other side satisfied with the result. I think that is the case here.

I have no details thought I suspect there is a golden handcuff in play which means there will never be any details released. Time will tell.

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  1. I’m saddened by this actually….. a public trial would have possibly shed light on the cockroaches in JP and forced them to be exposed for the epic douchbags they are…..oh well

    1. I understand completely. Editorially Slabbed is against confidential settlements as a matter of public policy.

      The reason the case settled is in what we would have seen exposed. That’s OK though because to a large extent Slabbed has already exposed that same set of cockroaches. 🙂

      1. Settlement is all about risks. Good lawyers know what their risks are properly advise clients whether or not to settle based on the risks. A good theory from a plaintiff’s perspective is to find the minimum an appellate court will award if the trial goes haywire. Then look at the maximum that you believe an appellate court won’t touch. A good settlement is between those 2 points.

  2. I’d like to know if the settlement barred her from applying for investigative positions under Inspector General McClintock. If not I wish she would apply for his soon to be announced job openings.

    And since the settlement involves taxpayer monies how can Jefferson Parish avoid PRR requests from the press and media?

    1. Good call, Lock, the general attitude of slimeball kleptocrats is NOT to invite someone onto the payroll who will continue to expose larcenous actions.

      There you have an intersting issue, Lock. The funding MUST be by appropriation, and unless the Jefferson Parish Council in its infinite stupidity allows the Crook-in-Chief to tab a standing fund without authorization (which in turn requires SOME document) then your answer will be found in existing appropriation. There’s nothing in Title 44 that would allow a secret appropriation or exemption of appropriations from a public records request.

      And if I’m a plaintiff’s attorney, I damn well want some paper trail especially if I need go back to a federal judge or state judge to show that my client is getting a circle jerk.

  3. Good for AMV. Bad for the citizens of Jefferson Parish. Another bit of dirt swept under the carpet. Only the names have changed to protect the hypocrites

  4. My guess is that the Public will NEVER see the terms and conditions, and amount, of this settlement. I see the Parish Attorney STONEWALLING and taking the position that the terms of the settlement agreement ABROGATED the provisions of the Louisiana Public Records Act, Louisiana Revised Statutes, Section 44:1, et seq., as well as Article XII, Section 3 of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974. So solly Chally. And another “horrible” thought: I was encouraged by Mr. McClintock’s appointment as Jefferson Parish Inspector General, UNTIL I saw the name of “Stephen Scheckman” surface. Scheckman is the General Counsel of the State Ethics Board, which nominated candidates for and appointed the position of Inspector General. Remember , GOAL NO.1 OF ANY POLITICIAN is to stay in power. This goal is attained by seeing to it that bureaucrats like Scheckman make sure that nominees and appointees to State positions WON’T ROCK THE BOAT. The politicians don’t have to dirty their hands, bureaucrats like Scheckman do all of the “dirty work”. My personal experience with Scheckman since KATRINA was TERRIBLE. He was counsel for the Louisiana Judiciary Commission, which is the body that a Citizen goes to when he or she thinks a State Judge has been guilty of criminal conduct or other misconduct. I won’t belabor what happened to me on September 20, 2005, as ordered by and orchestrated by “Catherine D. Kimball”, who recently retired as the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, and Kimball’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel, “Charles B. Plattsmier, Jr.” I shared with Scheckman ALL of the circumstantial evidence which I had at the time. In response, Scheckman and the Judiciary Commission DID NOTHING, other than to “circle the wagons” around Kimball and Plattsmier. Because of INACTION by Scheckman, and people like him, we are now almost 8 years post-KATRINA, with no arrests, much less prosecutions. In the meantime, I must walk with a cane as a result of my wounds. If anyone has information regarding Scheckman, I’d like to see it on SLABBED. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. AROD: I’m not sure Shenckman appointed McClintock. Scheckman may have been one person on the commission who assessed the candidates who applied.The M&M Sistas will size him up and evaluate him real quick.

    We’ll know how independent he is as there’s a lot of corrupt crap still stuck to shithouse walls especially over at the “Change Order Theater” on Airline, the virtual blackmail letters the Council of Clowns mail to their bidding contractors expecting campaign deposits and of course the infamous, East Levee District guarded ” O’Dwyer Batture Estates” of the rich and famous.

  6. Locke: I’m not as up to speed on Scheckman’s hiring and the power he has been granted as, say’ Jefferson Parish Legislators and the Parish Attorney’s Office. But I DID read that he had some “influence” over the “new” I.G. by virtue of hos position as Counsel for the “Ethics and Compliance Commission for the Parish of Jefferson”. There were letters on the Internet dated December 2012 and January 2013. This upset me greatly, given my personal experience with Scheckman, who IGNORED evidence of CRIMINAL behavior on the part of the most recent Chief Justice of the Louisiana. In so doing, I aver that Scheckman obstructed justice. This is not any reflection on the “new” I.G., on whom the jury is OUT. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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