BREAKING: AMV’s suit against Jefferson Parish has settled

And the whistleblower suit is over! Congratulations to AMV, Parish Prez John Young, Deb Foshee and Bobby Truitt. As a sage litigator of national renoun once told me, settling means taking less than what you want it is also true there are situations where everyone comes out on the other side satisfied with the result. I think that is the case here.

I have no details thought I suspect there is a golden handcuff in play which means there will never be any details released. Time will tell.

It is clear from my detailed analysis of traffic patterns……

That you good folks in the Slabbed Nation love documents. I happen to have a few of the kick ass variety in the document store but I’ve become ambivalent to the entire lawsuit scene. I mean heck, how many times can Aaron Broussard’s business associates file the same merit-less defamation suits against me and expect a different result.  We take federal court matters seriously however as that is the only way to roll.

I gotta be careful here lest Slabbed New Media incurs the wrath of the good folks over at Psychology Today, as has previously happened when I repeated the meme that repeating the same failed action over and over again expecting a different result is textbook insanity because it isn’t. That said what is in play here is the incomparable Babs herself which is appropriate considering Slabbed’s subject matter was BrousStar and the Dragon queens.

I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time explaining how we got to Document #37 beyond saying a few weeks ago Slabbed was first visited by Kamikaze Goats and this is my reply via my lawyers Scott Sternberg, Brodie Glenn and the good folks at Baldwin Haspel. Click the pic to nab the 9 page pdf and set your alarms for May 15 down on Camp Street:

Abel v Handshoe and AMV Doc 37-1

Division D runoff election soon, please park responsibly when voting

A reader asked for a 24th JDC Division D runoff election post sending this cautionary note regarding parking at the various polling places which I quote:

PLEASE be reminded to always park legally, even while waiting for carpool. Be aware of your distance from driveways, fire hydrants, and intersections. Our neighbors have vowed to have us towed. Please be respectful of our neighbors’ requests and do not park on their grass or block their driveways. Reminder: Be Kind, Courteous, Respectful, and Responsible toward our neighbors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Consider it done. Remember to go vote.