What the peeps are talking about here in Soggy Bottom: Tuesday Omnibus

Pickering to deliver news on DMR foundation boats ~ Michael Newsom

I feel as though a media confab at Darwell’s draws near as the gang erects the grandstand over at the Bolton Building.

Court employee files complaint against St. Charles judge whose father is at the center of an FBI probe ~ Juliet Linderman

Former St Charles Parish DA Harry Morel’s daughter Judge Michele Morel was caught with her pants down showing her fanny to the minion. Bad form Ms Morel, very bad form.

Circus elephant shot in drive-by in Tupelo, Miss.; Ringling Bros. says animal is OK ~ AP Story via the WaPo and Russell

DEA Investigating Saints’ Vicodin Abuse Lawsuit, Sean Payton Denies All Allegations ~ SB Nation Series circa 2010

Pain and pain management in NFL spawn a culture of prescription drug use and abuse ~ WaPo Team Report

After Marathon attack, fellowship must prevail ~ Boston Globe Editorial Board

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  1. Could Pickering’s news conference be a demand for payment from Walker? I found it interesting that he was meeting with the Nonprofit foundation members first. Who are the members at this point? Bill Walker, Bob Byrd, Jerry Munro were the original folks listed. Do they have any liability in this mess?

    1. Walker’s (and DMR’s) Mississippi Marine Resources Foundation ceased to officially exist on Dec 7, 2012 when the state performed an “Administrative Dissolution”, possibly for failure to file an annual report.

      The most recent filing for this entity (2011) shows a Robert L. Culumber of Biloxi as the treasurer.

  2. Here comes Pickering to save the day. One day we need to get a SA who does his job without the politics. He didn’t expose this it went on under his nose for years. Once the Feds were on it he jumped in with both feet. Let’s just hope his interference didn’t harm the Federal investigation too much.

  3. The Boston Globe Editorial above about the terrorist attack contains an initial quote which infers the Confederates were not “just” people with a “just” cause:

    “Boston remembers its pain. The inscription on the back of the Beacon Hill Memorial to Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and his legendary Civil War regiment declares, ‘The memory of the just is blessed'”

    Why is it in a regional tragedy do the northern, liberal Yankees have to “Yank” the chain of the South and the Conferancy?

    When the NOLA/Miss area was crushed by Katrina did the TP write an editorial memorializing the prior suffering with some quote on the Gen. Robert E. Lee Circle Monument as to the “just” or the “unjust”?

    I have nothing but compassion for the wounded in the recent attack but the Boston Globe can sit on a pointed world globe and rotate thereon.

    For those who wish to read about the Beacon Hill Monument which memorialized the place where Colonel Shaw left with his 54th regiment composed of African Americans headed South, it all here :


  4. Doug please don’t forget about the folks on the MS Coast who are dealing with the DMR scandal. Word on the street is that Billy Hewes’ brother-in-law, JoJo Zeigler (the only Chief of Staff in the State), has cut a deal with the Auditors office and he is going to get away scott free for ratting out the rest of the trash! Can you explain that to me? He was the ring leader of all of these shenannigans IMHO, and he is throwing people under the bus that worked for him and he directed to perform illegal duties. I, for one, am a very disatisfied Taxpayer! I don’t think any deal should be cut for someone who has been paid a big buck salary to steal from the Taxpayers!!! He has been allowed to retire from the State and we will be paying his retirement! What’s wrong with this picture????? Why do we have to settle for this????

    1. bump.

      Second question: Is Fred Walker of Gulfport significantly connected to the DMR Walkers? If so, then there is another interesting property acquisition to take a closer look at. Said property is already on the OIG list.

        1. The Fred Walker Insurance at 224 W. Railroad St. Long Beach one. Is there a significant connection to the DMR and Ocean Expo Walkers?

  5. I want to ask a question concerning our roads and taxes. Is it legal to own a business in Mississippi that runs semi-trucks and run license plates from another State? Like Illinois???? I have seen two large trucking companies that run Illinois license plates on all of their trucks and personal vehicles while they tear up our State roads with their large loads. One is based on Dedeaux Road in Gulfport and the other is based on Canal Road in Gulfport. How is the police and State Troopers overlooking this? They need to be run out of this State if they are not willing to help us pay taxes to keep up our roads while they are Living in and operating out of our State. Okay AG, SA, Governor and Lt. Governor. How about some attention to this matter???? I don’t need to name names….but I can tell you that they are very wealthy and huge supporters of this administration.

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