Slabbed presents Ex Rel Rigsby Winners and Losers: A Series

And the first installment will simply list a few names that immediately come to mind as winners or losers in the aftermath of last week’s jury verdict at the Federal Courthouse in Gulfport finding State Farm guilty of extreme corporate douchebaggery. (H/T Lord and Lady Douchbag)

The Winners:

  1. Cori and Kerri Rigsby
  2. The McIntosh Family
  3. Augie Mattheis
  4. Heidelberg Harmon
  5. The United States Taxpayers

The Losers:

  1. Ed Rust Jr. at State Farm
  2. Mississippi Insurance Commish Mike Chaney (Someone get that man a seeing eye dog!)
  3. The Mississippi State Senate Insurance Committee
  4. Butler Snow
  5. Insurance Industry Shills too numerous to mention

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