6 thoughts on “Fin”

  1. Will he, his wife and Tim Coulon continue to broker insurance deals in the state of LA? Will Tom Wilkinson continue to practice law?

  2. Insurance deals? – Yes

    Wilkinson Practice Law? – Not until his probation is done at the earliest.

  3. La.Insurance Commission has verbal confirmed whitmer’s insurance license has lapsed and he has failed to self-report his felony conviction as required by law.

  4. unless judge lemmon forfeits tim whitmer’s illegally based retirement benefits, he will at the age of 55, begin receiving about $170,000 a year. all this for a criminal who allegedly knows where all the corruption bones are buried in jefferson parish. it looks like all the taxpayer will get at his sentencing is a knuckle sandwich tim thanks you jim letten, jan mann, sal pericone, jim mann, george kennedy and so many others.

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