Saturday Slabbed: Let’s toot the Horn

Evidently the Slabbed Nation is many things and one of those things is a very small subset of us that can say they spoke with the OIG folks making the rounds for the John Horn DOJ misconduct investigation into the NOLA US Attorney’s office. I mention this because last week Gordon Russell and his team over at NOLA Media Group updated the status of the Horn Investigation that included some expert insight. The bottom line is no one is talking right now to the media in response to FOIA requests. True Dat.


What if one of us that knows the gang on a more personal level made a call?  I know I got a business card complete with the Team Horn hotline and it turns out so have a few other folks. 😉  So here is the question asked by that NOLA Media Group story which needed additional color:

The letter does not make clear whether the OPR reports sought by the newspaper have been wrapped up. The letter “should not be taken as an indication that the excluded records do, or do not, exist,” Hardy wrote.

This is lurid stuff indeed, especially for former prosecutors with the last names Mann or Perricone so here’s that additional color:

I called the agent last week to inquire about the investigation and he said that it was still open. That’s all he told me…….

Great stuff indeed.  Best wishes to the gang at Team Horn as the Spring Investigative Season is certainly upon us.

In time my money is on all the muck bubbling up via a comprehensive report.

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  1. ” muck bubbling up” to da’ surface- reminds me of how da’ Clampettes got rich

    Let’s hope da’ Truth enriches the media and local populace as to exactly what the hell happened fo’ dat’ big fish to done shook da’ hook.

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