Because he is that incorrigible: Dean Kelly headed back to the pokey….

What can I say folks but the saga of Dean Kelly and the women from across the country who want to strangle him has no end in sight.

Dean Kelly files suit against Sheriff Gusman ~ Natasha Robin

I knew there was a development a few days ago because of the google searches from across the country that landed on these pages looking for the story behind the story on Kelly, a former male model that is well known here in the greater Soggy Bottom metropolitan area. Back to the post title and Dean being incorrigible:

Accused rapist, ex-model Dean Kelly ordered back to jail ~ Mystery reporter WDSU TeeVee

What we need now is another busload of pissed off Tulane coeds to hit the next hearing.  😉


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One thing I’ve learned doing Slabbed is established print media do not mix and match their state lines. Here at Slabbed the only rule is there are no rules. The benefit to this philosophy today is the following Anita Lee story, which traces its family roots to Thomas “Butch” Ward of the River Birch Ward family. Everyone should therefore read it.

EPA wants Port of Gulfport projects studied ‘holistically’ ~ Anita Lee

So much for MDOT taking the whole enchilada in the Turkey Creek watershed.