Sweet Vindication: Jury finds State Farm defrauded the National Flood Insurance Program

Folks this case is the reason there is a Slabbed. I know my former partner in blog is proud and smiling big tonight.

Jury finds State Farm committed fraud against federal government ~Anita Lee

They all did and thanks to a pair of brave, resolute young women it also now a fact Jack. ūüôā

I’ll have more on this as time allows.

“Revenge is a messy business”: Martha Sassone makes courthouse news in St Tammany

Time is short folks so you gotta read the docs but what we have here is something along the lines of sex, drugs and rock and roll, especially the sex part. It’s a cesspool out there folks and Drew Broach knows it better than most as Sassone was the inside witness at the Gretna Courthouse feeding info to team Fed in Operation Wrinkled Robe. As a Judge, she was known as a tyrant, completely devoid of judicial temperament who engaged in retaliatory activity in abuse of her oath of office befitting the cesspool that spawned her. ¬†The stories I have heard about Judge Martha and her battles with¬†arch nemesis¬†Susan Chehardy are the stuff of prime Louisiana courthouse legend. ¬†No one in the legal community in Jefferson Parish will admit to missing Sassone. Click the pics to nab the pdfs.

Crestwood Retail Center v Salon Senoj and Sassone

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