Garlandfill wants everyone to know he’s not a Heebe media shill

A billboard featuring Garland Robinette off the Pontchartrain Expressway in late 2011. Photo by Michael DeMocker, The Times-Picayune

The problem, of course, is I think only his wifey Nancy Rhett believes him.

Fred Heebe’s River Birch Inc. takes ownership of controversial Garland Robinette property ~ Manuel Torres

The reader comments sum things up nicely. I’ll add I contacted the FCC after the T-P put all the meat on the bones of a story Slabbed broke in December 2010 (on the down low) in the Robinette Federal grand jury subpoena as it is very clear the people at Entercom Communication’s WWL AM/FM are not to be trusted to report news in the public interest.

Garlandfill’s microphone cost a man of Fred Heebe’s wealth a relative pittance and at scandals end it is the briefcase boy that ended up with a lifelong case of the mookie stinks. It is a recurring theme in the human condition.

10 thoughts on “Garlandfill wants everyone to know he’s not a Heebe media shill”

  1. Doug, perhaps we should continue comments to the FCC about the shill media WWL. When is the next comment cycle?

  2. Meanwhile, this is unintentional satire you can’t make up:

    April 8~ LSBA Professional Programs News





    ? EDDIE CASTAING, seminar chair, has invited a stellar line up of speakers for the 5th Annual White Collar Crime Symposium!!


  3. EMPIRE: You forgot the star cameo appearances by:(1) white collar crime perpetrators who prosecuted the Feds unmercifully; (2) the fast ones who ran to be first through the revolving door; and then(3) the unfortunate who plead guilty before the sh*t hit the audio recording pen.

    1. Lock, when you look at the list, you have to agre that having characters like Caldwell and Cannizaro discussing white collar crime prosecution is heavy on satire – particularly given the fact both exhibit their lack of experience on both.

      1. They’re missing their dead ringer…Connick. We know he’s aggressive on white collar crime.

        1. Notice the “good government” agitprop clowns like Zurich and Goeyneche say nothing about the apparent “oversight” of Connick.

          1. I don’t think too much of Goeyneche(sp), but Zurich has that hanging noose necktie on him. Let him trash a JP politico and he will be “a swinging”. Benson won’t let him touch JP because I think it might get tight for old wonderboy Benson.

          2. Word on da’ street is dat Wonderboy Benson let Chris Rose go to hire more reporters but me tinks Chris may have unknowingly crossed dat sacred JP reporting line like Val did.

            If Wonderboy did hire reporters it was probably to report what new buildings are being emblazoned wit his name. Course all dat so-called philanthropic money originates from sweet tasting political contracts savagely bitten out (“Bitsoned”) da’ asses of yo’ tax paying po-boys .

  4. Post Yurtle, there are “ways” to do so without realizing the refinement of the senses before a morning hanging, as Dr. Johnson once commented. After all, Zurich could do a “piling on” the Broussard issue – like he does for the thousandth time with Hingle – and establish “crd.”

    We have to wonder about Benson because Benson, in turn, has to exercise some of his “power” or it becomes discredited. In the good old exercise of politicks, Benson has to from time to time pick some low lying fruit to show that he can – the query is now why the complete silence, which is an indication that Benson lacks any leverage? Hmmm.

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