Because she is that hot: Google auto complete illustrates.

Image via WPMT Fox 43

Pretty dumb comment, Mr. Prez ~ Jenice Armstrong

Perhaps Jenice, but just maybe Kamala Harris got to her station in life due in large part to those good looks coupled with her “brilliance” but let’s circle that for now. We know this about Harris, she is not only brilliant and smokingly hot but she’s also a real ball buster too:

Daniel Larsen: Innocent, but still in prison ~ Editorial Los Angeles times

Daniel Larsen case

On August 24, 2012, the Los Angeles Times published an editorial calling on Harris to release Daniel Larsen from prison.[62] Larsen, who was sentenced to 28 years to life under California’s three strikes laws for possession of a concealed weapon in 1999, was declared actually innocent by a federal judge in 2010 and ordered released, but has remained in prison because Harris’ office has objected to his release on the grounds that he missed the deadline to file his writ of habeas corpus. The California Innocence Project, which has taken up Larsen’s case, has said this amounts to a paperwork technicality. The Times editorial stated that if Harris was not willing to release Larsen, Governor Jerry Brown should pardon him.

So, if we’re hard wired to discriminate in favor of beauty I personally do not get too upset when someone exhibits they are in fact a human being as Obama did with Harris.  One may even reasonably opine they are in fact sparking mightily off each other in the above picture.

So what are people thinking about this whole flap over the Obama remarks about Harris being smokingly hot and subsequent apology for same? Once again Slabbed emulates noted Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely and uses the auto complete feature at Google to find out: Continue reading “Because she is that hot: Google auto complete illustrates.”

It’s election day in Metry: Slabbed makes a Division D prediction

I personally thought Greg Buison was the top coms guy in this area but after the Hiliary Landry financial disclosure misstep I’m left wondering.

Jefferson Parish judicial candidate Hilary Landry reverses course, discloses finances to state Supreme Court ~ Paul Purpura

My email inbox has been flooded with behind the scenes commentary from the legal community and here is the consensus prediction.

Hilary Landry will be in a runoff with Scott Schlegel in what promises to be a nasty race.

Garlandfill wants everyone to know he’s not a Heebe media shill

A billboard featuring Garland Robinette off the Pontchartrain Expressway in late 2011. Photo by Michael DeMocker, The Times-Picayune

The problem, of course, is I think only his wifey Nancy Rhett believes him.

Fred Heebe’s River Birch Inc. takes ownership of controversial Garland Robinette property ~ Manuel Torres

The reader comments sum things up nicely. I’ll add I contacted the FCC after the T-P put all the meat on the bones of a story Slabbed broke in December 2010 (on the down low) in the Robinette Federal grand jury subpoena as it is very clear the people at Entercom Communication’s WWL AM/FM are not to be trusted to report news in the public interest.

Garlandfill’s microphone cost a man of Fred Heebe’s wealth a relative pittance and at scandals end it is the briefcase boy that ended up with a lifelong case of the mookie stinks. It is a recurring theme in the human condition.