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Tight budget? Tightwad ownership?

Citing a tightening newsroom budget, WVUE dismisses commentator Chris Rose ~ Dave Walker

Or maybe it was because Rose left the Tom Benson’s reservation during the relentless media pump of the Super Bowl.

A January commentary wasn’t glowingly positive about the pending Super Bowl 2013 in New Orleans. The station is owned by an NFL owner, Tom Benson. Rose connects the dots:

The commentary was, “by my standards, lightweight – it was anything but a rant,” he said. “It was a cautionary tale about city spending prior to the Super Bowl, looking at the expensive palm trees downtown while people in Gentilly are still waiting to get their sidewalks rebuilt from Katrina.”

There is one media outlet where dissent is not only tolerated, but encouraged where sacred cows are not allowed.

First Val Bracy and now Chris Rose enter Tom Benson’s chop shop as the reasons for the lack of news coverage of Tom Benson’s buddies in Jefferson Parish comes into much sharper focus.