It’s Miller time at DMR!

I’ll be honest and say I was not disappointed but there is little Gov Phil can do to disappoint me more than he already has during his term as Gov. So along those lines I did not feel any particular rush to roll anything out on new DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller, who was confirmed to that position earlier today by the Mississippi Senate.

If there is a silver lining here it is that the gang is listening and Miller promises to have the DMR Audited every year along with the standard Mississippi state government throwaway lines of being transparent and accountable.  We’ll see.

Meantime Miller is a tweep of Slabbed New Media and likely reads us closely, so if there is anything you guys want to say I feel sure he is listening. For my part Miller’s close connections to Team Palazzo makes me dubious, especially since our fluffer Congressman’s daddy benefited from the friends and family program and the Palazzo family seems the type to loot whatever is not nailed down from the treasury. Along those lines if Miller wants to walk the walk of transparency he should immediately release the names of the politically connected land owners that were bought out with CIAP funds along with the amounts paid for the land.

Of being cursed with too much knowledge plus another Nowdygram: An Ex Rel Rigsby Update

State Farm began their defense in the Rigsby whistleblower lawsuit involving allegations they and other insurers defrauded the National Flood Insurance Program after Hurricane Katrina early this week and I immediately noticed a foul odor that seemed to emanate from the Federal Courthouse in Gulfport when former NFIP Director Dave Maurstad took the stand for State Farm.  To understand Maurstad and the concept of the revolving door, you gotta understand these guys circle from private sector insurance related jobs to government regulatory positions and back each time collecting more career enhancing favors.  With this bunch it is always about the next job so the insurance industry could not have had a better water boy in place when Katrina hit than Dave Maurstad.

But once upon a time ol’ Dave was not so keen to testify about the NFIP handling of Hurricane Katrina claims no siree.  In Bolden v FEMA for instance Dave had to be compelled to show up at the Federal Courthouse to testify about the expedited claims process he and Lecky King came up with after Katrina.  Worth noting is rather than let Maurstad testify FEMA opted to settle Bolden immediately.  The bottom line is most people I listen to think Maurstad is a self serving hack under whose watch the NFIP sank into technical insolvency.

But it got deeper yesterday folks as State Farm retiree Lecky King took the stand with the sound of miniature violins playing in the background as Anita Lee explains in her latest dispatch from the Courthouse (I hope McClatchy sent a gas mask with her and is considering hazardous duty pay):

Career almost destroyed

Lecky King, on the other hand, said State Farm attorneys prepared her for her testimony. She spent her last few years at the company working on policyholder lawsuits filed after Katrina and on the case against her, which at one time was part of a criminal investigation that never resulted in charges.

Seems like it was just yesterday that King was living in an exclusive gated community in the Florida panhandle ducking subpoenas in the policyholder cases. In one of those cases an enterprising lawyer for a Slabber managed to get a birthday clown past the guards to serve some paper on King, whom I am fairly certain was richly rewarded by Ed Rust for her service in fattening his paycheck at the expense of natural disaster victims. Continue reading “Of being cursed with too much knowledge plus another Nowdygram: An Ex Rel Rigsby Update”

Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Should you have a right to die?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013
Pensacola, Florida


We pride ourselves as Americans in our lifestyle choices. The right to freedom of choice, protecting our individual assertion of free will, and deciding just how we want to live our lives. And yes, we have the right to access. You can live a gluttonous life by overindulging in many personal hazards.

You know smoking causes lung cancer, but making a personal decision to smoke is your right. Drinking in access leads to a number of health concerns, but that’s your choice. Obesity by overeating? Not good, but no law can legally restrain your decision to carry too much weight. You can live where your want, and do what you want with few limitations.

That is, up until you want to shut things down and end your life. In the vast majority of states, that’s when the government takes over. You have the right to decide how you live, but you do not have the same right to decide, at least legally, when you want to end your life. Should you have such a right?

Washington and Oregon, say “yes,” and they’ve passed legislation where a patient can ask a doctor for medication to end life. Under these “physician assisted suicide” or “death with dignity laws,” as they are known, there are strict requirements as to the patient’s condition that must be met before these laws can be applied. Two other states, Montana and Wyoming, have no specific law, but courts have given protections to doctors who give such assistance. Continue Reading………..