BrousStar resets the pokey countdown clock…..

If we can get him another week or so, we could put the former Goatherder in Chief on the stand in the Article 971 hearing on tap for mid May in his Super 8 Motel Law Partner Danny Abel’s SLAPP suit against me and AMV.  I still think we need to hear from Karen Parker.  😉

In as a champ, out as a chump
Aaron Broussard: In as a champ, out as a chump

With due respect to the artist, I thought Boss Hogg’s snout needed a redder hue

For you newbies, with this post you’ll find after all these years I still have fun doing this internet thang.

Barbour portrait unveiled at Mississippi Capitol ~ Emily Wagster Pettus

This is what I was speaking. Notice the wonderful pink color when Boss Hogg was in high cotton circa 2005.

Closeup photo Boss Hogg’s snout circa late 2005 after his niece got over $28MM in no bid minority set aside contracts from the SBA

And now today: Continue reading “With due respect to the artist, I thought Boss Hogg’s snout needed a redder hue”

Refuseniks or not a public comfort station is coming to the public beach near the intersection of Washington and Beach Boulevard

I personally thought the proposed bait shop / snowball stand would have gone well at the location but that idea was shot down as well.

County extends lease and plans to buy land for comfort station ~ Mary Perez

Meantime Dewayne Bremer lists the Plaintiffs in the property owner suit against the County for the Sea Coast Echo story on the same topic, a data point I found useful in explaining the presence of Goatherder lawyer Henry Laird.

I understand the court hearing is on Thursday here in Hancock County (Parish) April 16th in Judge Persons courtroom at the Harrison County Courthouse. I do not see this suit going far. I’ll add these public accommodations will greatly enhance the public beach that is already there adjacent to the legion’s property and improve sanitation. You good folks reading Slabbed from NOLA that visit the beaches here will immediately notice the dramatic improvement. See y’all soon.

Let’s recap a thing or two and tie a few loose ends together on the criminal demise of Aaron Broussard

And the discussion has to start here with this post and more specifically this reader comment. It took a few months plus a year’s worth of gumshoe journalism to snag an unredacted example of the document I posted way back in April 2011 that unequivocally demonstrated Broussard’s intimate involvement with business ventures partially owned and managed by Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Danny Abel.  All three of those guys are currently involved in litigation with me over my documenting their close connection Broussard and what federal prosecutors would later term evidence of other crimes in the Broussard prosecution. Back to that reader comment I linked above, it is the first of several made by V on that post that are topical to this day. I personally hope Broussard gets his prison reprieve so he too can share the joy of the recap along with the rest of us.

I mention this because V’s first comment on that post also hits on a story out of Plaquemines Parish before it was a story.   Here is the salient part:

Now there is an a lot of Nova Scotia reference on the LA SOS and NS Province corporate database, there is:


NOVA SCOTIA ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. – Broussard’s work address

NOVA SCOTIA, L.L.C. – oddly enough this involves a guy who sold a ton of land to LIFT the movie company that got busted for the LA film credit scandal, but none of the folks mentioned here

TRIDENT HOLDINGS INC. OF NOVA SCOTIA – who knows what this is, again none of the folks mentioned here




Trident Holdings of Nova Scotia? I can report it is owned by politically connected Canadians but where else does it show up?

Plaquemines contractor benefits from deal he helped negotiate ~ Mike Perlstein

A company from a foreign country with very limited inland port experience all cuddled up with Nunny? I wonder what has happened with Trident and Plaquemines Parish since Perlstein filed that story back in late September 2011?

V aka Telemachus was one of the Slabbed commenters deprived of due process by Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge in Canada when he swore false affidavits before Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon “Pierre” Muise in late April 2011 in their SLAPP suit against Louisiana Media Company aka Fox 8.