10 thoughts on “Upshaw suicide: Rotenberry interview”

  1. Just a minor point, but how was crack reporter
    Bert Case able to say that “we have now confirmed that
    she committed suicide”? If you were looking for a reporter to be your unknowing shill you couldn’t do much better than Bert. Asking this in relation to speculation that it might not have been suicide, and references to other deaths of those related to DMR scandal.

  2. They say Michaela Hill and Ms Upshaw fought depression every day but just asking if they were also fighting others concerning the DMR scandal and had much better information than Bert.

    1. Michaela Hill had never had any problems with depression. End of story.That is an undeniable fact.Her problems came at the very end from extreme abuse at the hands of people in High Positions At the DMR and other related agencies.I am sure all the details that Mr. Hill doesn’t know yet will make their way to him.I know he knows plenty already they were that close.From knowing him for a long time i am positive anyboby that comes up on the wrong side with him will pay legally and mentally for a long time. At her grave site as i stood by him as he knelt by her i her him say to her that he would never stop until she had the last word.I know this man his word is like Gold. So i can say to those that deserve it you will get what is coming to you

  3. Welcome to the not new “Southern Good Ole Boy outdated Group that prides themselves on letting women chose their own Burqa”.

    Listen up Ladies. If you’re too smart, or smart enough to see a fraud, a rat or abuse; chances are you will be labeled as being depressed.

    I pray for you all.

    Why are there so few women in appointed political position?

  4. This is just not seem real.I am sorry for saying so but something is not right folks.The man does not seem like he is sincere and not a good actor either.I hate to be the one to take the heat but I am just going to come out and say I for one do not believe what I am hearing and reading.Something else is at work here but I am not sure what it is.

    1. I agree.

      There is something very wrong with that interview. NO NO NO NO!
      This can not be swept under the rug. There is something very wrong!

    2. I don’t know much about any of this, but I watched this interview, and before I even read these comments, I was going to comment that something just does not seem right.

      1. You watch Sockpit, before long someone will call “Mississippi Mud” and all hell will break loose.

  5. Watched it again this morning with the same results.I feel certain law enforcement at the highest state level have looked at this.If is indeed suicide the questions to be answered are what triggered it at that very moment? A pleasant Sunday morning,watching romantic comedy with close friend,and the urge to end it all pops up just like that?Did she get a phone call? If so,from who and about what? What prompted her to walk out to the carport and do this? Who does the .40 caliber handgun belong to? If she suffered from severe depression as her friend in the interview stated why would she be allowed to have access to this gun by family and him? So many questions to be answered about this sad situation an until someone comes foward with some answers the public will continue to speculate.

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