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I was floored to the response to my vague post on DMR’s Phil Bass and I’m gratified I have so many readers here in Mississippi that took time to introduce themselves over the weekend.  Time is short for me so here are a boatload of links:

Expert: State Farm failed to follow fair claims practices for Biloxi home ~ Anita Lee

What can I say folks but ‘Gate had S.H. Anthony called back in 2011.

Jefferson Parish contracting overhaul proposals delayed for six months ~ Manuel Torres

Watching all the contortions involved with the Jefferson Parish council trying to wish this issue away is amusing.  Now supposedly it is the Black Chamber of Commerce who is worried that instituting professional procurement practices in Louisiana second largest Parish and the end of pay to play style procurement will somehow hurt them. Chris Robert’s briefcase boy Mark Spears has point on this one folks.

Biloxi’s own Russell Moore will be Southern Baptists’ voice. ~ Tammy Smith

Russell is both a Tweep and a member of the Slabbed Nation.  I could not be more delighted that a homie has done well.

Four lawyers vie to fill judicial seat at Jefferson Parish state court ~ Paul Purpura

Paul covers the 24th JDC Division D race in depth.

DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein resigns in wake of federal investigation ~ Lauren McGaughy

Piyush’s second term is unraveling quickly it appears. Jeffrey over at Yellow Blog has been all over this story.

Mark Titus’ son asking court to allow claim on property targeted by River Birch probe ~ Manuel Torres

Hearing will be next week for Miller’s confirmation as DMR chief ~ Michael Newsom

In horsemen’s association case, the legislative auditor is the one still smiling ~ James Gill

Legion: Stop-work order planned on Bay St. Louis comfort station ~ Donna Harris

So it turns out the lease on the Legion property was not expired as previously claimed by American Legion post Commander Clayton Thompson. Something tells me the bathrooms are gonna be built lawsuit or not. And in a blast from the past for that particular intersection I conclude with the following:

Carrigee quits as DH building chief, claims ‘lies and politics running wild’ ~ Dwayne Bremer

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    Environmental factors and/or Corruption within state/medical/insurance entities.
    I say the LATTER.

    1. I somewhat agree with that assessment, but I know a few teachers and they say they are seeing more out of control kids now than ever. Not the kind that good discipline would handle, but the “OUT OF CONTROL” crazy type.
      They were doing studies of the crack babies a few years ago. I wonder if they ever did follow-up studies of the babies of crack babies.

  2. With all due respect to the Phil Bass family what is going on? Sounds just like the government to require the final gathering to be a SECRET SERVICE!!!May he rest in peace.I just hope my gut intuition that something is up here is wrong.Please someone come foward and prove me incorrect.

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