Even the seeing eye dog could see it was wind damage to the McIntosh residence…….

I’m not certain brainwashed is a good term as much eveyone certainly knowing that leaving Lecky King’s reservation was bad for career longevity.

Engineer in trial over Biloxi home calls insurance adjusters ‘brainwashed’ ~ Anita Lee

And under the new NFIP rules once the insurance company gives the storm damaged homeowner (and the taxpayers) the shaft,¬†they stick ’em with the bill for it. Multiply the above many times over and you get the picture of what the insurance companies did down here after Hurricane Katrina.

2 thoughts on “Even the seeing eye dog could see it was wind damage to the McIntosh residence…….”

  1. The very same thing happened to myself after Katrina.The insurance adjuster came to my residence and within 15 minutes agreed to pay the flood total,$250,000.It took another week to get the wind damaged paid for.When I questioned why they were so quick to settle for the max on the flood policy he said ” All you care about is getting paid,correct? This is the quickest way to get your total loss paid in full.” I knew what they were doing from that moment on.I do believe this was very wide spread.At the time I just wanted to be made whole and that is how my insurance company did it.You should never be allowed to turn over the flood insurance checkbook to someone who has an interest in inflating that side of the settlement.

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