OK folks time to tackle this DMR Executive Director thing part 1: Three Candidates went to Gov Phil…..

Allow me to share a bit of a Slabbed back story to kick off this post and that would involve the Goatherderian fleecing of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency as outlined in these two excellent rural delivery articles found here and here. Part of that saga, well chronicled on these pages, involved the untimely deaths of 3 ACOA employees involved in the loan.  It was a twist I did not emphasize because I could never find a direct salience between the events but it exists as part of that story’s lore.  I’m very hesitant to trample the deceased in order to report a story.

Along those lines I was drug kicking and screaming to the suicide of Michaela Hill even though it occurred, according to local lore, there at the Bolton Building last Summer.  I am in fact reticent to this topic but then the emails started coming after the unfortunate events surrounding State Rep Jessica Upshaw’s untimely demise last weekend at the home of a former colleague in Mendenhall bubbled up.  Here is a sampling of those reader emails:

Three finalist of the DMR director fiasco included Jessica Upshaw, who supposedly committed suicide Sunday in the garage of her boyfriend in Mendenhall……….

That brings the death total to three folks who have died, two by suicide and one by drowning, who have a history with the DMR.

Mrs. Hill being the first, then attorney and marine expert, Ricky Hembre, and now Upshaw…..attorney and oil spill legislator assigned to oversee the disaster and relief; also on the Conservation Committee of the House…..

After knowing the qualifications of the other two applicants, both successful women…

Let’s call that data point number 1. Here is data point number 2 from a source unconnected to data point 1 source:

I have been told that Rep. Jessica Upshaw was one of the final 3 for the DMR job. She interviewed with Bryant @ 10am on Thursday,March 21. Another of the three is a lady named Kelly Lucas,who has a phd in Marine Science and is Deputy Director of a Gulf of Mexico program ran from Stennis……….

The Upshaw death is very strange to me and its timing is odd. No disrespect meant to her or her family but something is just not right .If you did not seen it,watch the interview of her friend who found her in the driveway on Channel 13.

So we have a reasonable basis to identify the other 2 nominees to the post of Executive Director of the DMR, a job that ultimately went to career political hack Jamie Miller.  Both readers, neither conspiracy theorists, have their radars up on the hiring process and how it may have influenced what appear to be unrelated events.

In part 2 we’ll look at Miller’s hiring and try to figure how this George Malvaney guy fits in.

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  1. Doug
    What are you getting at with bringing up the three people yhat have passed in less than 7 months that had a lot of knowledge of DMR activities



      1. The post makes the point Hammer. I am not a conspiracy theorist but Slabbed has readers who see the chain of events and it makes them wonder exactly what the heck is going on.

        For me the most important part was independent verification Upshaw was one of the finalists.

        1. Just wanted to make sure you were not trying to

  2. Since you posted this information I took the time to reread all of the articles referenced and guess my mind wants to understand why the applicants for the DMR job have been under such a cloak of secrecy? I cannot remember ever in my lifetime a government position’s employment process kept in this manner. It sure brings a whole lot of suspicion with it.We all know just based on the Sunherald reporting that an insider from the current administration leaked Jamie Millers name as Bryant’s choice a month before the application process even began.In reality there was no fair process of picking the best,most qualified person from the names submitted by the CMR.It was predetirmined that this Miller guy had the job no matter who else applied.Why even go thru the process of wasting peoples time? To comply with the lawful requirements? Its all a bunch of BS.And who pushed Miller foward to the Governor? Find out who is in a position to benefit from coming money and you will know who told the governor that Miller was the man.I want to appologize to all of the people who applied for the DMR position on behalf of the State of Ms.You all deserve this apology because you were mislead by Phil Bryant and the CMR who told you that this would be a fair process and the best,most qualified person would be selected.You were lied to.We are sorry for our dishonest leadership.And the deaths of these people mentioned.Each one is strange on its own.Combine this with the timing,the DMR,and this crooked selection process will make you wonder what is going on here.Should we call in John Grisham to investigate? May they rest in peace and if in any way their untimely deaths have anything to do with their interaction with the DMR,I hope it is all exposed to the public and not kept secret by our state government like this selection process has been.

    1. We all know just based on the Sunherald reporting that an insider from the current administration leaked Jamie Millers name as Bryant

      1. Sources had been telling the Sun Herald for weeks Miller was the likely choice.

        In early February, Ashley Edwards, executive director of Bryant’s recovery office, was thought to be the front-runner. But Edwards, dubbed a “go-to” man on Coast issues by some in state government, declined to pursue the job. Miller said he and Edwards are friends and he had supported Edwards’ candidacy, deciding to apply only after Edwards declined.


        1. Thanks. I have another question, but first I’ll throw a little sumthin DMR out there for people to ponder.

          Item One: DMR, Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks Turn Abandoned Shrimp Boat into Artificial Reef Fish Habitat From: DMR News Release Filed 7/17/09 GCN

          Points of interest include:

          The Tiger Shark had been stranded in the Mississippi Sound just off the Biloxi beach near the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor since the beginning of the year. The derelict vessel was removed about mid-June by a private contractor, who then cleaned and prepped it for deployment.

          Also: The DMR

  3. How do we even know he was nominated or one of the final 3? Do you really think with his very limited backround in marine management and his obvious connections to the people involved in the problems at DMR he would have made the cut? Is this the reason no one was allowed to know who the candidates/applicants were? I think we will find he was picked in advance either forced on the CMR so they could keep the positions they hold or he was not one of the final 3 and selected by the gov a month ago.What do you think the odds are that he was one of the 17 applicants and due to his qualifications made it into the final 3? And on top of those odds he was the govs pick before anyone else applied.Just is not kosher in my opinion.

    1. I understand that 17 applied.I understand that only 5 of the 17 were even given an interview. I also understand that one of the applicants from out of state but in the gulf coast region has credentals that are so for above any of the five that were interviewed it points sraight to the CMR’s true intenet.The CMR and the GOV must be held acountable. The applicants Were lied to as well as the people of the Ms. Gulf Coast

  4. I also think the pick was Miller so to be able to control the flow of information on what has gone on at the DMR.One thing is for sure he has a puppet master in Jackson.

  5. And why would the folks in Jackson want to limiit what we the people know? As State Auditor Phil Bryant never once ordered an audit of this agency,prolonging the pillaging.As governor Phil Bryant reappointed Billy Walker to the top position again allowing the pillaging to ramp up with friends and family allowed to participate.Also as governor Phil Bryant accepted illegal campaign contributions from Walkers nonprofit which was funded in part by MsDEQ money.This is just some of what we know about. Now,my opinion, Phil Bryant is near a crisis in confidence across the state for this and many other mistakes he has and continues to make.When the next election comes along we can only hope to show him those boots are made for walking,right out of office.

  6. This comment is just another “amen brother” to some of the previous information/commentary. But does one get the feeling putting Miller in charge is like putting the fox in charge of protecting the hen house? It begs the question: What awful information is Phil Bryant hiding from us to put his own bulldog on the porch? A bad, bad, appointment and especially considering the two other candidates, both highly qualified women are so, so superior and would have removed politics from the DMR. On the good side: At least it isn’t Danny Guice!

  7. They just can’t stop themselves even on the eve of a federal take down. The same names and associations just keep coming round and round again? WOW! Speechless! My condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones.

  8. What amazes me is that when women surrounding this place have mysteriously passed on, why are they always “depressed” or “have fought depression for years”. That makes me so mad that anyone has the right to throw that at these women. Michaela’s death was DEFINETELY directly connected with the goings on at the DMR. Now, since they are saying the same thing about the other lady we just lost…ie that she “fought depression for years”…it seems suspicious to me. Please tell me now you can accomplish all that Ms Upshaw has and have time to be “depressed”? This all sounds like the whinnings of men who are insecure in their own skins. Men who are secure with themselves do not have to pick on women who make them feel insecure. I hope all of the trash involved in this get their just due….whether it be here on earth (which would be very nice), or in the afterlife.

    1. Charlene, I agree with you. Southern MS is not kindly to educated woman at all. These men have to pick on women to divert attention from their own stupidity. If women don

  9. Several DMR questions from the fine print.

    1. Is the DMR actually a “Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning” (as apparently claimed by both William W. Walker and Mike Jenner President, MGFB in the below referenced sub-grant)?

    2. One party to the below referenced sub-grant is “Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.”, yet the Mississippi Secretary of State has no such entity listed (the listing there is for “MISS GULF FISHING BANKS, INC.) Non-Profit Corporation – Domestic – Information. The IRS 990 filings are also made as “MISS GULF FISHING BANKS, INC.”, 2011 IRS FORM 990. Is this the type of thing that matters?

    Selected excerpts from one of the sub-grants; signed by William W Walker and Mike Jenner, President of MGFB in November of 2007. ( Sun Herald File: DMR-MGFB sub-grant agreement)

    Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, Inc.
    Sub-Grant #07-MSFB-ARP-02

    Section 1.0: Parties to the Agreement

    This agreement is by and between the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, hereinafter referred to as DMR and the Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks, hereinafter referred to as Sub-Grantor.

    SECTION 8.0: Standard Terms and Conditions
    The Sub-Grantee certifies that it:

    8.37 Authority to Contract. The Sub-Grantee certifies (a) that it is a Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning;

  10. How can the public think a corrupt organization will choose a qualified, honest person to lead them? Honest Jon

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