Law Enforcement on the move: A four pack of previous Slabbed topics.

As FBI moves in, Janus voted out as D’Iberville city manager ~ Mary Perez

Criminal investigation examining Jefferson Parish Housing Authority, sources say ~ Manuel Torres

Somethings tells me Slabbed will end up giving some of the Housing Authority types an “Alfortish Special”. 😉

Louisiana attorney general passes on sanctions against Orleans judges for suspect spending ~ John Simerman

Slabbed played a very small role in the above when Judge Calvin Johnson used these pages to get in a word on the subject. Meantime disgraced former NOLA pol Sherman Copeland is back in the news:

Bond set at $10,000 for former New Orleans state Rep. Sherman Copelin Jr. ~ Michele Hunter

4 thoughts on “Law Enforcement on the move: A four pack of previous Slabbed topics.”

  1. Janus had asked to reinstated as City Manager.He forced the hand of the City Council and got slapped down with it.I guess he will have several consulting offers to consider.That seems to be where they all end up.

  2. One interesting aspect of the questionnable spending by the CDC judges is the purchase of “professional liability insurance.” First, why, given the near insurmountable immunity afforded to the judiciary (although the employees are not necessarily covered, but that is not what the TP reportes – the coverage is for the judges.) Second, why bother at all given your typical E&O is a “claims made” and is remarkably a waste of taxpayer dollars, given the virtual absence of coverage which perempts within the one-year period of coverage – that is right, coverage does not extend one year from date of occurrence but is limited to the policy period. An E&O claims made policy by itsvery terms means an offense can be committed on the 365th day of the policy, and unles you file suit before the Clerk of Court closes the door, you are screwed.

    Certainly any Slabbed regular could have posed the best question to ask which the assorted knuckleheads, including the Absent General, the LameBrained Auditor and Goofy Goyeneche should have asked: who are the agents receiving the insurance business??

    1. Oh, yes, I forgot – the standard policy is to piggyback on whatever immunity the public official may enjoy under law. So even if you cannot sue & collect from the judge but instead go after the insurer, the immunity defeats THAT recovery, too.

  3. A city built on T.I.F. cannot survive this kind of failing on the political level.D’Iberville has always been known as a wantabe city and is collapsing from within.The Ocean Expo is a house of cards designed by a gang of manipulators inclusive of all three Walkers,Maxwell,Moby,Janus an others.The level of lies to the taxpayers is getting out of control and now must be sorted thru by the FBI.Who will be prosecuted? Who knows.

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