3 thoughts on ““She’s breaking up!!!!!………””

  1. Man I just love these truly American made, new refreshing Haspel “briefs”. They are just so more more revealing, they clearly air out any foul, crotch odors and are going to cause the production of Fruit of the Loom “briefs” to “break up” and leave this constitutional free country and seek refuge probably in Canada.

    I particularly like the Art.971 Haspel model which though airy also catches any loose BS and odor from escaping the crotch area.While the Fruit of the Loom models don’t provide such protection and allow foul BS to continue to run down and odorous brain farts to pollute the environment.

    However, I’m looking forward to the rumored Haspel “Sanction” model still in Research and Development but suspected to be the ultimate protection model possibly to be released in the next few months.

    Write on Haspel bros’ and sue all this up nice and pruddy for the big fashion show before Honorable Judge Morgan.

    Doug, ‘you are going to look so good in dem’ Haspel briefs, I gauruntee it’

  2. An ex parte motion, at that, clearly a contested motion absent a rule 7.6 declaration of no contest by the other side (which of course would not be granted unless the other side intends to lure the mover in Brer Rabbit style into the briar patch) – what was tht term of art you coined, Doug, referring to the excrement witted practice learned at the knees of the Prince of Darkness and continued all so ably through his disciples?

    You truly couldn’t make up this stuff, it is so pathetic.

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